As an entrepreneur, have you ever felt like it’s best to just give up? Or maybe you feel like you want to find another career that isn’t so stressful. These kinds of feelings are all too common, and in this episode, I’m going to share how I overcame feelings of doubt when I felt as though my only option was to quit.

Listen in to learn what changed for me to feel empowered—even when I failed—and how I stopped allowing myself to be okay with mediocrity. You’ll discover how an exercise bike has helped me push myself harder than ever before, why you can’t always please everyone, and more.

In this episode, I cover topics such as:

  • Why you shouldn’t give up when things get hard
  • How I worked past my feelings of doubt
  • What changed for me to stop being okay with mediocrity
  • How to feel empowered
  • What happened when I pushed myself harder

Please enjoy today’s episode — and visit the resources below to find everything mentioned in the show!

What you will hear:

[01:20] When I have felt like giving up

[03:02] How I have worked past the feelings of doubt

[05:32] Why I decided to stop being okay with mediocrity

[08:11] How I learned to push myself harder

[13:04] Why you have to be selfish sometimes

[14:00] What you have to do build your endurance

[17:11] A quote that I refer back to often


Ideas Worth Sharing:

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