What’s the most valuable thing you could sell as an entrepreneur?

Something that costs a premium (so you make more money) – and also drives disproportionate results for anyone buying it?

Something your competitors can’t reproduce?

Something that’s always in infinite supply?

If you’re thinking, “That sounds sweet! Where can I get some of that?” – don’t bother. Because you already have it!

We’re talking about your insight. Your unique perspective, informed by your deep level of expertise – and many years spent applying that expertise out in the real world.

Now, maybe your insight is the engine that propels your own company towards growth, and nobody else’s. In that case, more power to you! But perhaps you lend your expertise to other business owners, for a price, so their companies can grow like bamboo… on fast-forward.

Either way, your insight needs to be sharp like a samurai sword, bright like a supernova, and fresh like a breeze in the sauna! Only then can you deliver maximum value to yourself and your clients.

This week on the Get Genius podcast, we’re sitting down with David C. Baker, who spent almost three decades studying the intersection between expertise and entrepreneurship – and applying what he learned in the real world.

When business owners need to grow their company fast, they hire an expert. And when those experts need to elevate their mastery, they call David. And if you learn a little bit about his life, you’ll see why:

David grew up with a Mayan tribe, in a remote village among the highlands of Guatemala. But that’s far from the most fascinating thing about him!

He’s a sought-after speaker, advisor to entrepreneurial experts, and an author of five insightful books – the most recent one is called “The Business of Expertise,” and we can’t recommend it enough.

David is also a pilot, trained to fly helicopters and airplanes, an avid photographer, and a high-performance motorcycle racer. His work has been featured in the WSJ, Fast Company, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, and Forbes. He speaks regularly at various TEDx events, Harvard, Adobe, and major international conferences.

In today’s interview, David will reveal:

  • The best ways to convert your expert insights into wealth and impact for your business (which, by extension, will help you serve your clients better).
  • Exercises to discover and articulate your unique expertise – so you don’t get lost in a sea of identical “experts” with no clear value proposition.
  • His most costly business mistakes, both in terms of money and opportunities lost. We love it when entrepreneurs open up about their mistakes, and David holds nothing back!

Even if you don’t sell your expertise to clients, we still recommend that you listen to this episode. Inside, you’ll find the tools to focus and articulate the most essential aspects of your business: your value proposition, your positioning in the market, the kinds of people you want to serve, and more.

So, without further ado, please enjoy this conversation with David C. Baker!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing David

[04:09] What it was like growing up in the Mayan tribe

[07:35] What inspired David to create his business

[09:10] How entrepreneurship forces you to be creative

[12:44] David’s journey as an entrepreneur

[17:38] Biggest insights from David’s latest book, “The Business of Expertise”

[20:38] Not sure what your unique expertise is? These exercises will help

[23:31] How to stop juggling dozens of business ideas and focus relentlessly

[26:55] People ask David for advice all the time… but who does he turn to for insight?

[29:40] David’s most devastating business mistakes

[32:34] Where you can find out more about David

Resources from David:

The Business of Expertise – grab a copy of David’s book here (or download a free PDF sample)

David’s consulting website