There are times in our lives when we are checking the boxes on our achievements, but we are not truly feeling fulfilled. However, we have set out to achieve all these things to feel happy and fulfilled. Today’s guest helps people, specifically entrepreneurs and corporate business owners, to reach that feeling of content and accomplishment by transforming their minds. Shanna Lee owns the coaching program called Soul Frequency, and in this episode, she shares how she helps her clients gain the confidence and the skills to finally access their fulfilling life.

Listen in as Shanna explains why stability is simply an illusion, as growth is continuously happening around us and we must accept the new challenges as they come. You will learn the process Shanna puts her clients through to access the “2.0 version” of themselves, why being driven by wounds is not necessarily a good thing, and so much more.

In this episode, we cover topics such as:

  • Why Shanna decided to transition out of real estate in order to find a fulfilling life.
  • How to find true stability.
  • The importance of leaving space to grow for your team members.
  • How to become a mindful leader.
  • Why you should not be driven by wounds.

Please enjoy today’s episode — and visit the resources below to find everything mentioned in the show!

What you will hear:

  • [4:00] Interview with Shanna begins.
  • [9:29] What changed in Shanna’s life that made her realize she was not fulfilled
  • [14:15] How to find who you truly are.
  • [19:20] The ways business and personal development connect.
  • [23:55] How to become a mindful leader.
  • [29:20] The process Shanna puts her clients through to access their fulfilling life.
  • [33:47] What it means to be driven by wounds.

Ideas Worth Sharing:

“Success alone doesn’t equal fulfillment.” - Shanna Lee Click To Tweet “I love feeling that high frequency of life force.” Click To Tweet “Stability is an illusion because growth is always happening.” - Shanna Lee Click To Tweet


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