You can tell a lot about a person by studying their self-improvement habits.

Some people never invest in themselves – and look down on everyone who does. To them, buying a self-help book, going to an event, or taking a class is an admission of failure: “If I do this, that means I’m not good enough!”

Others invest too much. They tear through self-help books like wildwife, buy up every ticket to every event, seminar, class, or workshop they can think of…

…and then they don’t do anything.

In your life, you’ve probably met both of these types of people. Neither of them make for successful entrepreneurs.

Then the question is, who does? It’s simple:

Those who invest in themselves – and take massive action on what they’ve learned – are the ones who become great entrepreneurs. And employees, and parents, and partners, and people.

In today’s episode of the Get Genius podcast, we want to talk about how you can transform your life through massive action. It’s time to break the self-help cycle and do something that gets you closer to fulfilling your goals, and building the life and business you’ve always wanted!

This week’s guest is Daniel Gefen, and he knows a thing or two about taking action, bouncing back from failure, and transforming one’s life for the better.

Daniel is the Founder of Gefen Media Group, a podcaster, and an author. He started out on a six figure salary at 23 – but went broke, and was evicted from his home.

After starting his own business from scratch, he went broke again, and outsourced his business to a competitor. After that, Daniel ran his company out of a hotel lobby for a year – until he grew it large enough to semi-retire at 31.

He then launched his podcast show which was rated one of the top 26 podcasts to listen to in 2017. Daniel also launched Gefen Media Group that gets people featured on top-rated podcast shows. He’s now publishing his upcoming book “The Self Help Addict” – a guide for turning an overdose of information into a life of transformation.

In today’s show, we’ll cover Daniel’s creative process, how he stopped binging on information and took charge of his life, the pitfalls of running a podcast, and more. Enjoy!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Daniel

[09:16] How Daniel bounced back from multiple failures and ended up where he is now

[18:14] The inspiration behind Daniel’s book, “The Self Help Addict”

[23:26] What it takes to break free of the self-help cycle, and how Daniel did it

[30:11] The obstacles Daniel had to overcome while publishing his book

[34:36] Why Daniel scrapped his book and started over

[42:10] Where you can find Daniel’s book

[43:13] Daniel’s podcast and how he deals with criticism and success

[49:45] Where you can find out more about Daniel

Resources from Daniel:

Daniel’s Website

Daniel’s Podcast

Daniel’s Company

Daniel’s Book “The Self Help Addict”