The Struggle Is Real: Learn How to Overcome the Challenges of Entrepreneurship on the Backstage Business Podcast


Your mind is the best tool you have for growing your business, hands down.

It’s free. You always have access to it. It will never become obsolete (well, unless you stop learning and growing). And the best part is, you can improve it and “upgrade” it pretty much infinitely!

And every time you do, the work you put in will pay off a thousand times over.

So… care for an upgrade? It’s on me!

All you need to do is listen to this week’s Backstage Business podcast, where I talk to one of the best mindset coaches in the world — Regan Hillyer.

Regan has built a career — and multiple 7-figure businesses — by what I can only describe as professionally blowing people’s minds. She specializes in helping people discover their true vision, unlearn their limiting beliefs…

…and create 6- and 7-figure brands in the process.

Her work has helped launch thousands of successful businesses and impacted millions of people in life-changing ways. As a self-made multimillionaire by age 30, Regan is living proof that mastering your inner game is the most powerful investment anybody can make in their success.

And I got to sit down with her and pick her brilliant brain for mind-expanding strategies that will help you grow your business — and overcome any other challenges you might be facing.

We cover a lot of ground in this episode, from how Regan manages to run 8 successful companies at the same time, how she made the leap from offline to online business, how she conquers fear and self-doubt, and a lot more. So if you feel like hunting for specific insights and golden nuggets, I invite you to check out the show notes and see if anything catches your eye.

And if not, just listen to the whole episode, it’s a stunner from start to finish!

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Why you should listen:

In this week’s interview, Regan Hillyer shares her approach to mastering the inner game of business, building products for different segments of her target market, her best marketing strategies, a dead-simple exercise she does to manage fear and self-doubt, and much more. Check the show notes for a full summary of what we cover in the episode!

What you will hear:

[00:25] Introducing Regan

[04:44] The moment that led Regan from studying architecture and into coaching

[06:14] #1 piece of advice that helped Regan go debt-free and build her 7-figure brand

[08:10] Doing the groundwork: how Regan built her authority as a coach

[09:00] Regan’s “full-spectrum” approach to coaching products and services

[12:55] How changing your mindset unlocks unlimited business opportunities

[14:02] Regan’s playbook for starting — and managing — multiple businesses

[21:52] How Regan’s approach to marketing evolved over time

[25:49] Walking away from a wildly successful business (that Regan hated)

[27:31] How Regan balances the online and offline parts of her business

[29:10] Regan’s biggest mistakes and failures as an entrepreneur

[31:16] How to bounce back from failure

[35:08] The biggest reason why you should never suppress fear and self-doubt

[36:38] One simple exercise anyone can do when feeling fear or self-doubt

[39:42] Where to find Regan online and learn more about her


Regan’s website

Regan’s free coaching app — the iOS version and the Android version

Regan’s free coaching resources