How I Crisis-Proof My Business — and My Relationships (Backstage Business #7)

“If anything can go wrong, it will.”

I bet you’ve heard this one before. It’s called Murphy’s Law of business (and life, really).

And as a lifelong entrepreneur, I can confirm it works — almost too reliably!

No matter how smart of a business owner you are, no matter how well-designed your business is, you can’t avoid things going wrong. So what can you do instead?

A few episodes ago I talked about developing personal resilience and changing your attitude to failure.

For this week’s personal mini-episode, I want to go one step further.

Today, I’m going to discuss how you can build a foundation of resilience into your team — and your relationships in general. Because the quote-unquote “best” way to handle a crisis in your personal relationships (especially marriage!) just happens to work just as well in business!

In the episode, I’ll discuss:

  • Something my husband told me about communication — which inspired this week’s Backstage Business (thanks, sweetie!)
  • How the same strategies we use to build healthy personal relationships can be adapted to business
  • Making the most out of every crisis, even and especially if it’s something you can’t solve right away

And more. If you want the details, set aside 15 minutes of your time, hit that Play button, and enjoy!

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Why you should listen:

My husband and I are in the middle of house renovations, and we’re rediscovering just how important it is to stay tight and connected when things are super-stressful and frustrating. Like a nerd that I am, I immediately thought: hey, this also applies to business! In this mini-episode, I talk about building a connected, empowered team, why you should never waste a crisis, my favorite business book, and why sometimes it’s good that everything falls apart. Check out the show notes for the full list of topics I cover!

What you will hear:

[00:26] Introduction to the episode

[02:55] What my husband said to me the week before

[04:03] Dealing with change when all you want is structure

[06:00] Adapting healthy relationship strategies to business

[07:21] Laying the groundwork for a tight, connected team

[08:39] “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”

[10:08] Treat every challenge like an adventure

[12:15] Sometimes things SHOULD fall apart


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The Road Less Stupid” by Keith J. Cunningham — one of my favorite books on business and leadership that I mention it in the episode (and quote pretty much all the time!)