Mike Sherbakov — How to Do Great Things and Live an Extraordinary Life (Backstage Business #8)


I love to hear people’s stories about starting a business — the more unusual, the better.

The “regular” way to become an entrepreneur goes something like this…

You research a market. You find an underserved segment of customers. You create a product or service to meet their needs… and boom! You’re a millionaire.

(The reality is much messier than this, of course, but that’s the stereotype.)

But there’s one way to start a business that doesn’t get much attention. The one where you:

  1. Find or attract a community of people who share your values…
  2. Learn as much as you can about what they really need…
  3. …and create the product or service that they are asking for.

I love stories like these — where an entrepreneur doesn’t start with a fully formed idea but gets drawn into a business by the people they want to help. They rise to the call of adventure and embrace their mission! There’s something almost magical about it.

This is exactly what Mike Sherbakov did. And when I got the opportunity to interview him for Backstage Business, I jumped at the chance to bring Mike’s story to you.

Mike is a long-time entrepreneur who believes in building a purpose-driven business, giving back, and making a lasting positive impact on the world. He is the founder of the Greatness Foundation — an organization dedicated to doing great things through philanthropic initiatives and business education.

Together with the Greatness Foundation members, Mike travels to remote places building homes for the poor. That’s where I first met him, in fact — on a house build in Mexico with my family! Mike also teaches high school and college students to solve global problems through entrepreneurship, as part of his Passion to Profit online business course. The Greatness Foundation organizes 6-week “impact challenges” — part training programs, part competitions — to create purpose-driven projects that can change the world for the better.

Mike is a fascinating guy who loves giving back and helping others discover their true purpose in life. And that’s what today’s interview is all about! You’ll learn:

  • Top 3 questions Mike asks to uncover someone’s true purpose in life (and a few more questions to ask if they’re not sure what that purpose is)
  • How he built his business backward, starting with a passionate community and creating a viable product later
  • Mike’s #1 way to fight fear and self-doubt, as well as any challenges he faces as an entrepreneur (hint — think about the mission)

And more. This week’s episode deals with deep and heavy topics, and I’m proud to share it with you. Enjoy!

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Why you should listen:

In this week’s interview, Mike talks a lot about discovering your purpose in life. This includes specific questions you can ask yourself — and the 3 major life changes that can help you realize what your mission is. Plus, we talk about Mike’s approach to creating and launching a product — specifically, we discuss how Mike came up with the idea for his Passion to Profit online training program.

Check out the show notes below for the full list of topics we cover in today’s episode!

What you will hear:

[00:18] Introducing Mike

[05:28] The incredible story behind the Greatness Foundation

[09:02] Building a business “backwards” (starting with the community)

[12:45] 3 questions Mike asks to uncover someone’s true purpose in life

[17:02] Top 3 catalysts that drive major life changes (#3 surprised me)

[21:46] The one thing helping Mike overcome fear, self-doubt, and external challenges

[26:50] Looking back on Mike’s first product launch with the Greatness Foundation

[30:30] Why Mike decided to create a training program for purpose-driven entrepreneurs

[33:34] The importance of having a Minimum Viable Product

[38:41] Giving your audience what they want

[42:31] Where you can find Mike online and learn more about him


Mike’s website — you can learn more about Mike here. Plus, feel free to grab his free worksheet that will help you find your life’s purpose in 5 minutes (yes, really)!

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