Your Team Needs a Vision for 2020 – Here’s How to Give Them One

Many businesses share this problem: 

They have a really impressive-sounding mission statement that looks good on a website. 

Their leadership strategizes and sets lofty goals for 1, 5, even 10 years into the future. 

But the folks “in the trenches” — employees, teammates, and other stakeholders — don’t share the passion about the company’s big picture.

On the surface, it doesn’t seem like a big deal. So what if regular employees don’t know why they’re working on something? They’re still doing to put in the hours! And as long as the important work “on the ground” gets done, it’s all good!


Well, not quite.

The picture illustrates The Draw Shop's vision for 2019-2021

The power of aligning your team around a shared vision

Imagine a team of people digging for buried treasure. They have the tools, they’re able-bodied, they’re eager to get to work…

…but none of them have a map where X marks the spot. Everyone has a very vague idea of where the treasure might be, so they’re just digging in that general area.

But hey, a team of people working in sync — they’ll dig that chest full of gold right up! Sooner or later it’s bound to happen, even if they turn the entire island into Swiss cheese. 

OK, fair enough.

Now imagine that none of these people even know why they’re digging. Maybe there’s going to be treasure — or maybe all they find will be earthworms and disappointment!

The point is, they don’t know, just because their leader hasn’t told them.

Guess how successful a treasure hunt like that is going to be!

Trying to lead a team without a strong, clear and unified vision is a little bit like that. Your employees can only do their best work if they know why it matters. How does it help the company reach its goals? Speaking of, what are those goals? Where is the business going? What does your team need to do to prepare for the future? If nobody but you understands these things, you will struggle to make your lofty business dreams a reality.

Communicating an effective and powerful company vision that aligns your whole team can feel overwhelming — impossible, even!

You’ve spent countless hours and hours figuring out exactly where you want to take your business. Now, how can you convey it to your team in a way that’s fast, impossible to misunderstand, but most importantly — inspiring and motivating?

Well, that’s exactly what we did last year here at The Draw Shop! Creating a bold vision and aligning our team behind it helped us knock it out of the park in 2019. And we’d love to share the details with you.

Here’s our CEO, Summer Mulder, with the full story…

How we energized The Draw Shop team to crush it in 2019

As the CEO and owner of The Draw Shop, I had all these big dreams and goals for the company… but my team had no idea where we were headed.

It felt super-frustrating! So I promised myself that I’d find a way to share my vision of The Draw Shop’s future with my team. I wanted to show them a future we could rally around — together. A future worth working towards.

Around that time, I met Cameron Herold at a networking meeting for high-profile entrepreneurs. Cameron is one of the brightest minds in business, and I was already a huge fan of his work. My team and I blazed through his bestselling books, and got tremendous results from every single one of them.

So when Cameron mentioned that his next book was called “Vivid Vision,” I took it as a sign and asked him for some advance copies.

I put “Vivid Vision” on our team book club list, and it was a massive hit. We couldn’t wait to implement what we’ve learned, and come up with a big, bold vision for The Draw Shop.

I felt like one of my biggest problems as a CEO was about to be solved.

I rolled up my sleeves and went to work: taking all of my ambitious ideas, goals, hopes, and dreams for the company — and putting them into words. I gotta say, even as a trained copywriter with decades of experience under my belt, it was no easy feat!

Here are 3 guidelines I tried to keep at the top of my mind while I was doing this:

#1. Inspiring and energizing

My biggest wish was to inspire and motivate my team. These days every business wants to be customer-centric or customer-obsessed. And that’s a good thing — great, even!

But too often we forget that our employees are just as important. If we want them to give 100% and do their best work, we need to impress them and prove to them that we care.

#2. Long-term and strategic

I didn’t want to go, “OK, here’s a billion things the company needs to achieve next year, good luck!” and leave it at that. I thought carefully about what The Draw Shop could become in 3 years, and focused on that as the ultimate destination for our business.

Giving the team clarity on such a long timescale encouraged them to think: what needs to be done next year to move the company closer to that dream vision?

#3. Tangible and specific

Finally, I wanted to paint a very detailed, vivid picture of The Draw Shop’s future. Not just numbers and KPIs, but a story that set a high bar of excellence for each team inside the company. Something they could think back to every time there was a big decision to make, a new challenge to overcome, or a new opportunity to consider. Something they could feel excited about pursuing — there’s that motivation and inspiration again!

There are many ways to capture and present a business vision. I chose video as the natural fit for The Draw Shop — video and content marketing is in our company’s DNA, after all!

Would you like to see it? Well, then, feast your eyes:

Now, let me ask you:

What if your team could start the next year in complete alignment with your vision? What would it mean for your business?

Don’t you want to find out?

How to inspire YOUR team to boldly go into 2020 — and beyond

If your company achieved everything you wanted in 2019… that’s awesome! Now imagine how much more your team could do with a bold vision, crystal clarity of purpose, and unstoppable motivation.

And if some of your year-end goals remain unfinished, that’s OK too. But that means it’s all the more important to get your team aligned so your business can knock it out of the park in 2020!

Let me help you — personally — to create a strategic, inspiring, electrifying business vision for your brand. A vision that will align your team, motivate them to go above and beyond, and sustain them throughout 2020… and beyond.

Sound good? Then let’s talk! Here’s a link to my personal calendar:

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