Our Results for Creatio


Positioned Creatio as the most fun and engaging brand against their competition at tradeshows


Generated more leads from the tradeshow than past years


Closed out various deals to have an extremely successful quarter

The Problem

Creatio had developed an amazing and configurable workflow solution called creatiogreen, and approached the Draw Shop to create a series of videos that educated prospects on the various features and efficiencies they offer.

While their solution was extremely powerful, it was often difficult to walk prospects through their entire offering as it is so vast and diverse – they knew they needed another solution.

The Solution

We wanted to create videos that matched the Creatio brand – fun, energetic and innovative while educating their prospects on the breadth of creatiogreen’s capabilities so they could better understand the potential scope. They took our videos and made a major splash at tradeshows (and on their new website), standing out from the competition and delivering a message that deeply resonated with their target customers.

The Draw Shop exceeded our expectations in developing a range of videos that accurately and succinctly covered core features of the creatiogreen solution and the company’s approach.