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Whiteboard Video Helps Win Best Company Website for a Large Company

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BSCAI Image Award: Best Company Website for a Large Company


Stood out

among 50,000 competitors in their industry



by industry leaders for their clear and concise messaging

The Problem

In a “dry” or boring industry, most if not all of your competitors take for granted the assumption that creativity isn’t necessary. What they forget is that we’re all in the business of selling to people. Creating an entertaining visual presentation when your competitors have forgotten this truth can help you dominate even the toughest of markets.

Harvard Services Group was investing in a new and improved website. They wanted the homepage to communicate more about their company, certifications and how they provide excellence in Integrated Service Solutions.

The Solution

Create a homepage whiteboard video that established Harvard Services Group as the best choice for a building service contractor that provides value as well as Integrated Service Solutions and Tier 1 diversity spend! The video must communicate directly to their target audience – Facility Managers – Supplier Diversity Professionals – Building Owners – Procurement/Sourcing Professionals – Operations professionals.

In addition, the video MUST highlight their green certifications, their management philosophy, and their inverted pyramid management style.

There are over 50,000 Building Service Contractor companies in the US…that’s a lot of websites that can win this award! In an industry where the subject is fairly “dry”, we believe presenting it with The Draw Shop video helps getting our USP across!

Harvard Services Group