How Do You Kill 11 Million People

Whiteboard Video Scores 128,014 Book Trailer Views in 7 Days

Our Results for Andy Andrews


Viral Views

After only 7 days online, this book trailer whiteboard video receives 128,014 views online. This outperformed the previous video promoting Andy’s book that had been out for 10 months and received just over 11,000 views.


Facebook Success

86.3 percent of the views came from embedded videos and links from sites outside of youtube. Of those shares, 86.7 came from Facebook shares.


Top Ranked Keyword Search

This video is ranked #1 on YouTube under its keyword search term and is also ranked on page 1 of Google on its keyword search term.

The Problem

New York Times best-selling author and acclaimed speaker, Andy Andrews, approached the Draw Shop to create a trailer for his paradigm-shifting book, How Do You Kill 11 Million People: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think.

Andrews had been using another trailer to promote his book, but during the 10 months it had been live, it had generated only 11,000 views – and Andrews believed his book should be getting more attention than that.

The Solution

We wanted to create a video that told a compelling story in a way that was visually engaging and memorable—something that people would be eager to share with others. Then we reached out to key bloggers and social media users and got them excited about posting the video to their networks.

The Draw Shop brought something to our marketing campaign that was truly outstanding! We were looking for something that would differentiate our book, How Do You Kill 11 Million People? by Andy Andrews, and force people to take notice! The Draw Shop created an amazing piece that put imagery to what was previously just words…and nearly 225,000 views later people are STILL talking about it!

Andy Andrews

New York Times Best Selling Author

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