Greg Reid

Whiteboard Video Helps Land Book Deal and Big Advance

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Book Deal

Greg lands a publishing deal with the largest book publisher on the planet, PenguinRandomHouse.


Big Advance

Greg receives a big advance on his book deal and is selected as one of the first books to be published by the new publishing giant.

The Problem

Less than 6% of all reported deals get an advance of more than $100k. On average, fewer than 100 Hardcover Nonfiction Bestsellers in any year sell more than 100,000 copies, and usually only one or two top 1 million sold. Typically, agencies reject 99.5 of everything they see. Out of close to 500 queries a month (electronic and hard mail) about 50 proposals are accepted for review. Out of that 50, one or two will then be delivered to publishers. So book proposals are very important!

The Solution

Use a whiteboard video to summarize the book proposal. The video will highlight the importance of the book, its content and Greg’s plan to promote the book. The goal is to stand out from the piles of book proposals in an engaging and memorable way.

Just recently I was working on a book proposal with a big publisher in New York City. They asked for the same ole same ole proposal. And what happened with The Draw Shop, they created a video like nothing anyone has ever seen. Not only did we close the deal, BUT ITS A GOOD ONE!!!!

Greg Reid