In many ways, building a profitable, fast-growing company is all about creating a smooth experience.

And we don’t just mean “for your customers.” That one is a must – if you want to stay in business.

No, we’re talking about everyone else, too!

Your team, your contractors, your vendors, your partners – any of them can speed up your progress… or stall it. It all comes down to their experience of interacting with your business.

And if one group of stakeholders has a worse time working with you than others, it’s gonna circle back to bite everyone else! For example:

If you’re sluggish about getting order info to your shipping provider, they’ll take longer to deliver your product to buyers. Those, in turn, might decide to buy from a competitor next time, or ask for a refund. That means more headaches for your team, which slows them down even more…

You get it.

But is there a way to create a great experience for everyone involved? Yes! It’s all about automation.

You’d be surprised what a massive difference integrating a few key systems, giving your team some more autonomy, and getting your hands on some basic software can make.

But don’t take our word for it!

Instead, let Charles Palleschi, today’s guest on the Get Genius podcast tell you all about it.

As someone who’s responsible for automating millions of transactions for hundreds of brands, he knows how to use automation for maximum benefit.

Charles is the founder of Spark Shipping, which helps eCommerce retailers automate their connections with their vendors.

His first eCommerce business was a popcorn store he bought – literally a website selling popcorn, kernels, and various popcorn-related accessories.

(Charles was like Bubba from Forrest Gump, but with popcorn instead of shrimp.)

Charles cut his entrepreneurial teeth on this online store, figuring out along the way that automation was critical to success.

That need inspired Charles to create Spark Shipping – the leading dropship software which automates millions upon millions of orders for eCommerce and retail entrepreneurs every month.

In this week’s interview, Summer and Charles will talk about why, when, and how to automate your business. Not just with regards to software, but also delegating tasks to other people, outsourcing part of your operations, and increasing the ROI of your marketing.

Strap in and press Play – it’s going to be a blast!


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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:18] Introducing Charles

[02:30] How Charles created his business and became an entrepreneur

[04:12] The myth of overnight successes

[07:16] How automation helps an e-commerce business

[10:17] Why retailers are falling over themselves to shift to e-commerce automation

[13:04] How Spark Shipping applies automation

[15:15] Should you delegate tasks within your business? Yes. Here’s how

[18:47] Building automation processes in-house vs. outsourcing

[20:11] How Charles developed the software for Spark Shipping

[25:46] The most effective marketing tools no business should live without

[27:00] When should you introduce automation into your business – and how much of it?

[28:34] Staying on top of industry trends and knowing what’s best for your clients

[34:03] Where you can find Charles

Resources from Charles:

Charles’ website