Here’s something most marketing experts won’t tell you… 

Having a powerful, highly sophisticated offer can be a double-edged sword. 

In theory, it gives you an unfair advantage over the competition, who are hopelessly outclassed by your superior product or service. All you have to do is communicate this edge to potential customers — and they are all but guaranteed to choose your solution over anyone else’s.


Well, this is where things get complicated in practice.

You see, the challenge with having a best-in-class offer is — it can be daunting to communicate it to your target market in a way that “clicks” with them… 

…especially if you sell a highly complex, technical product or service to people who aren’t experts in your field. 

How do you get them to understand why, and how, it is unique and superior to other solutions they might be considering?


The Problem (and Opportunity)

This is exactly the challenge my team had to solve for one of our favorite longtime clients — MemComputing. They are a SaaS company that helps businesses analyze and find optimal solutions to absurdly complex computational challenges.

They often come up in areas like:

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Logistics
  • AI
  • Data Analytics

To tackle these problems, companies have to analyze huge amounts of data, often involving tens of millions of variables. This data impacts their business decisions, so speed and accuracy are paramount.

However, the current state-of-the-art method for doing these computations — the branch and bound algorithm — is slow and repetitive, requiring a long time to compute complex problems.

By contrast, MemComputing’s technology allows them to make the same computations in just a fraction of the time.

As a result, their clients can make optimal data-driven decisions exponentially faster. That means: improved operational efficiency, huge cost savings, and a massive competitive advantage over other industry players.

Conveying this revolutionary edge was no easy task, however!

MemComputing’s target market isn’t technology experts — it’s busy executives. So they needed a clear, accessible way to explain the value and impact of their technology as straightforwardly as possible, with minimal jargon.

And The Draw Shop sprung into action…


The Solution

My team crafted a compelling whiteboard animation video showing the two technologies in action, and breaking down what exactly made MemComputing superior — all in a crisp 7 minutes.

I know what you’re thinking: in today’s distraction-rich world, 7 minutes for a marketing video is an eternity. Still, it was the right call, for 2 reasons:

  1. The more complex and sophisticated an offer is, the more time you need to communicate it. This video deals not with one, but two specialist technologies, comparing them side by side, and so the 7-minute runtime was essential.
  2. Compared to reading a white paper, or researching the ins and outs of the tech on your own, a 7-minute explainer video is still a massive time-saver! That’s why 59% of senior executives prefer this content format.

(And here’s the video on the MemComputing website, if you’re curious. I know I’m always the first to talk up my superstar team… but this is genuinely a masterclass of breaking down an incredibly complex topic in a simple, digestible way.)

Even though MemComputing’s clients may not fully understand how their tech works, now they can clearly see just how valuable it is to them — which means, mission accomplished!

I’m happy to say that this project earned us a perfect 5-star review on Clutch. And I hope that this video becomes an evergreen ROI-producing asset for MemComputing!


The Takeaway

Now, I didn’t write this article just to brag about my team knocking it out of the park for a valued client… well, maybe a little.

There is also a lesson here.

If you find yourself fielding client questions like…

  • “How are you different from Company X?”
  • “Why should I choose your solution and not Y?”

…and other subtle and not-so-subtle concerns about your unique value proposition — don’t be deterred. This is an opportunity to differentiate your brand, powerfully and unmistakably, and potentially earn a customer for life.

All you need is the right message, and the right marketing asset to convey it.


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