Turn Your Marketing Videos Into Lead Generation Machines with This One Strategy

You’ve worked hard to create those marketing videos for your business. So it’s only fair to try and squeeze as much ROI out of them as possible! 

And today, we’re going to show you one simple strategy to help you do just that. If you want to attract more high-quality leads with each marketing video you create — and keep getting them for as long as your videos get views — then this week’s article is for you.

Today, you will learn how to turn your marketing videos into 24/7 lead generation machines using content upgrades.

We’ll show you:

  • What a content upgrade is, and how they’re different from lead magnets.
  • A simple 3-point framework for coming up with an awesome content upgrade idea
  • 14 types of content upgrades you can create for your marketing videos
  • 2 things you need to set up your content upgrade and get those leads a-flowing

And more.

So, first things first: what are content upgrades, and how can they help you get more leads?

content upgrades for marketing videos

What’s a content upgrade? And why should you care?

If you’ve spent time studying digital marketing, then you probably know what a lead magnet is. (If you don’t, we made a pretty extensive 2-part guide on how to create one.)

Basically, a lead magnet is a helpful resource you give away on your website in exchange for people’s contact information (usually their email address). Usually you’ll have one or several lead magnets that you use throughout your website.

A content upgrade, however, is something you create specifically for a piece of content: a blog post, a podcast episode — or, in our case, a marketing video. As the name suggests, it “upgrades” your existing content: by giving your target customers new information, teaching them something useful, or helping them solve a problem.

Content upgrades are awesome because they can boost the number of new leads you get from almost any marketing video (or another kind of content).

It makes sense when you think about it. A video by itself is just a self-contained thing people can watch and move on with their lives. But a video with a content upgrade gives them an incentive to opt in and something extra — something valuable and helpful! And who doesn’t want that?

OK, now that we’re on the same page about what content upgrades are and why they rock, we’re going to show you how to come up with an idea for a great content upgrade — and give you some examples.

Read on.

How to come up with an idea for a video content upgrade

If you want to create a content upgrade people will fall over themselves to grab, you want to keep 3 things in mind.

An awesome content upgrade is…

  • Relevant, both to the topic of your marketing video and to your target audience. These should be easy enough to align — but still, make sure that they do.
  • Immediately useful. The keyword here is “immediately.” The age of 100-page ebooks is over — ‘cause nobody ever read those! The faster your viewers can use your content upgrade and get results, the better.
  • (Relatively) easy to create. Some content upgrades take hours and others can be put together in 10-20 minutes and still be super-useful. Decide how much time you want to spare and use that as your metric.

Your perfect content upgrade should be smack-dab in the sweet spot between these 3 requirements. When you get an idea about what you can create, just ask yourself: does it check all these boxes? And if it does, you can go ahead and do it!

Speaking of ideas — let’s see how many types of content upgrades you could create for a single marketing video. This is going to be fun, we promise!

14 content upgrade ideas for your marketing video

Let’s think of a topic for a hypothetical marketing video — and see how many ideas for content upgrades we can come up with. You know, just to keep things consistent… and challenging!

Our imaginary marketing video is going to be “10 Tips to Instantly Improve Your Sleep.” And here are 11 content upgrade ideas for it (plus 3 more than didn’t fit the topic but we wanted to include anyway)!

Extra footage — this is probably the easiest type of content upgrade you could do. It goes like this: you create a video sharing 10 tips to improve sleep. But actually you make a longer video — with, say, 13 or 15 tips. You edit the video down to 10 tips, and then you offer the extra content to viewers in exchange for their email address. That’s it!

Tip: This content upgrade can work not just with list-type content, but most longer-form videos — like interviews, for example.

“Gated” video — this one is a little bit like the “extra footage” content upgrade. To create it, you just need to put an in-video opt-in form partway through the content — say, after sleep tip #5. Then if the viewer wants to see tips #6-10, they’ll need to give you their information. Note that you will need video hosting software that allows you to create in-video calls to action!

Guide — you can create a bonus PDF guide that gives people step-by-step instructions on how to improve their sleep. Now, it doesn’t have to be totally different from your main marketing video — but you still want to include some new valuable info in there!

Checklist — another option is to give away a one-page checklist with your marketing video. For our imaginary “10 tips for better sleep” video, you can create a simple checklist for the perfect bedtime routine, or noise-proofing their bedroom, or anything else related to the topic.

Cheat sheet — a cheat sheet is another useful, easy-to-do type of content upgrade. Sticking with our sleep video, let’s think what would be a good cheat sheet to give away with it… Well, it’s a safe bet that people watching this video have trouble falling asleep. So creating a cheat sheet of things they can do to fall asleep faster would be perfect! “How to Fall Asleep if You Hate Counting Sheep,” anyone?

Email course — this type of content upgrade is a little time-consuming to make, but it works very well. A free email course doesn’t just teach your viewers something — it creates a lasting transformation. If they sign up for it and actually apply what you teach, they will trust you a lot more and will be more likely to buy! So what would be a good email course for our made-up “sleep tips” video? Well, how about a 10-day, 21-day, or 30-day course that helps viewers to develop healthier sleep habits? It fits perfectly!

Quiz — this is another time-consuming but awesome content upgrade. It goes like this: as people watch your video, you direct them to a quiz on a relevant topic. They complete the quiz, but to learn about the results, they’ll need to give you their email address. Simple! For our example video, a great quiz would be a “quality of sleep evaluation” — something that helps viewers identify their sleep problems, and explains how to fix them.

(You’ll probably need additional software to create your quiz — something like LeadQuizzes.)

List of tools or resources — this is another very easy content upgrade that performs well. Just create a list of useful resources related to your video’s topic and give them away for opt-ins. For our sleep video, a good list of resources might be… a shopping list! So, a list of top-rated sleep masks, mattresses, supplements, and anything else that might help the viewer sleep better.

Case study/field reportcase studies don’t always have to be about your product or service. Sometimes they just tell interesting and useful stories about someone else’s experience or describe a neat experiment. For example, as a content upgrade for our made-up sleep video, you could put together a report of your team’s bedtime routines or sleep hacks.

Transcript — if you don’t feel like coming up with a cool content upgrade, you can always give away the transcript for your video! But this only works for longer videos with a lot of content, not for bite-sized ones.

Slide deck — if you used a presentation with voiceover to create your video, then you might want to include your slides into the content upgrade, too. Throw in the transcript in there for good measure, and you have yourself a bundle!

Phew! That’s a lot of content upgrades for a random video idea we just came up with on the spot, isn’t it? And even then, we’ve barely scratched the surface. Here are some other types of content upgrades you could create that didn’t fit our video’s topic:

Templates — for landing pages, infographics, and more.

Scripts — for important conversations, sales calls, copywriting, emails, you name it.

Spreadsheets — for people who love geeking out and tracking things.

By now you should have tons of ideas for a kick-butt content upgrade of your own… or ten! So let’s talk about how you can set it up.

Setting up your content upgrade: 2 things you need

We won’t be covering how to create and host your content upgrade, because that can vary wildly depending on what it is.

There are tons of free tools online that will help you do this: video recording apps like Loom, Google Docs for creating PDFs, Dropbox and Google Drive — or your own website! — for hosting, etc.

So instead, let’s talk about what you need to make it available for your viewers. Namely, two things:

#1. A way to host your marketing video

For this, you can use either: a) your own website, or b) a third-party service like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, or others. Some of them are very basic — but free! And others will let you do more sophisticated things like adding clickable calls to action or in-video opt-in forms. Wistia in particular has a great feature for that.

Also, you can host the video on a third-party platform but embed it on your own website. This gives you full control over where your opt-in form or sign-up button is going to be, which is great for conversions.

So, for example, if you’re hosting the video on, say, YouTube, then you always want to link to a landing page where people can opt in to get your content upgrade. Put it in the description, or make a clickable “card” or “EndScreen” inside the video itself (you have to be a YouTube partner to unlock these features).

#2. A way to capture leads + deliver your content upgrade

Now you need a way to collect people’s emails. Most email marketing platforms will let you embed their opt-in forms on your website where people can enter their name, email, and any other information you need.

Note: if you want to make a lead capture form that doesn’t look ugly, you should use some type of landing page software that integrates with your email marketing software. And if you can use an all-in-one platform that does both, like Hubspot, even better!

Then, you’ll need to write an email that delivers your content upgrade — usually through a link to something like Google Drive, Dropbox, your own website, a private YouTube video… basically, anywhere you decide to host your content upgrade.

Set the email up to go out right after the standard “confirmation email” that your new leads get right after they opt in.

Aaand that’s it! Now your lead capture flow looks something like this:

  1. Viewers watch your awesome marketing video — hopefully, all the way through.
  2. They opt in right there through an in-video call to action, a sign-up form or a popup, OR they click through to a separate landing page and do it there.
  3. They confirm their subscription.
  4. They get another email that links to the content upgrade! (Or, if it’s an email course, they get an email with Lesson 1.)

Ta-da! Now you know how to turn your video into a 24/7 lead generation engine. Now, here’s how to make the most of it…

Get started with your first content upgrade

Here’s your homework assignment.

Find your most-watched marketing video that could benefit from a kick-butt content upgrade. How-to videos, long-form interviews, tutorials, list-type videos — they’re all great candidates.

Create a content upgrade for it using our “relevant + immediately useful + easy” rules of thumb. If you need some quick inspiration, use one of those 14 ideas we shared earlier.

Track how your content upgrade performs over the next 30-90 days. If you like the results, rinse and repeat with your other videos!

And if you want to create an effective marketing video for your brand, we’re always happy to help. Just hit us up for a free video marketing strategy session here:

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