4,000 blog posts published per minute. 720,000 hours of video uploaded every day. 66,000+ social media posts going live every second

That’s the content landscape right now. And it’s only going to get more crowded going forward. 


How are you supposed to stand out in this overwhelming content glut overabundance? What can you do to make sure that your posts and videos catch the attention of your ideal customers? 

That’s what today’s article is all about. 

This week, I’m going to share one simple exercise that will help you craft truly remarkable, even unique content in your space — and attract dream-fit buyers to your business. The best part is, it takes just a minute or two to complete… and it will completely transform all content you produce going forward!

OK, let’s start by asking the all-important question: what does it really take to create marketing content that pulls in high-quality leads like an industrial-strength magnet, even in an oversaturated market?

Well, don’t get mad at me for saying this, but:

You gotta make stuff that’s different from everything your competitors are doing.

I know, I know: easier said than done, paging Captain Obvious, what is it that I’m actually suggesting, etc etc…

So let’s break it down. The solution to crafting unique, compelling content is actually really simple. It’s something that you’re already doing in your business (hopefully, anyway!).

The solution is… positioning.

Pictured: one savvy lady marketer at her desk, wearing a blue shirt and headphones, writing out her content positioning statement while the timer is ticking down.

Position your content strategically — like any other offer

Think about it.

The first thing your potential customers or clients will wonder about when they come across your social media posts, your videos, your blog articles etc. is…

“Why is this worth my time? How is it different from the 500 other articles / posts / videos demanding my attention? Why should I care about this, and not all the other stuff?”

(Maybe not in so many words, but you get the idea.)

That’s where positioning comes in. If you strategically differentiate your content from everything else that’s out there in your industry, you will create a powerful incentive for your target market to choose you over the competition.

For the simple reason that nobody else is offering to teach them what only you know; to share what only you have; to serve them like only you can.

In order to make your content stand out among millions (literally!) of other videos, blog posts, tweets, posts and so on… you have to answer three key questions:

  1. How is it different from everything else your customers consume?
  2. What “gap” in the market does it address that nobody else does?
  3. What specific audience does it serve who everyone else ignores?

You can tackle all three of these questions in one fell swoop by completing the exercise I’ll teach you right now. Let’s get ‘er done!


Practice time! Write a positioning statement for your content

OK, here’s an incredibly easy and quick way to clarify what makes your content different and unique — way before you create anything…

Write a strategic positioning statement that goes like this:

“This is a [type of content] about X. Unlike all other [content] about X, only this one Y.”

In this template, X stands for the topic you’re tackling, and Y stands for your unique point of differentiation. That’s it! 

With this short 2-sentence statement, you can instantly zero in on how to make your content unique and exciting, and have it shape the creation (and promotion!) process. Let me show you a few examples of how it can work in practice.


MACRO: establishing a new content marketing channel

You can lean on this exercise when developing a new blog, podcast, video show, you name it. For instance, let’s workshop some ideas:

  • “This is a YouTube channel about product reviews. Unlike other review channels, only we test every product with multiple users across 50+ parameters, and even use our in-house lab to test products in ways that an average consumer can’t.”
  • “This is a blog about productivity. Unlike all other productivity blogs, only we focus on productivity advice for neurodivergent people (those with ADHD, autistic people etc.), who don’t find conventional advice helpful.”
  • “This is a video show about small business marketing. Unlike other marketing shows, only we prioritize case studies from real entrepreneurs instead of general advice, and interview business owners discussing behind-the-scenes numbers and metrics.”

Now, let’s see how this exercise works on a micro level…


MICRO: producing posts, videos, infographics etc.

Here are 3 examples of positioning statements about individual pieces of content:

  • “This is a blog post about video marketing trends for 2022. Unlike all other prediction / trend posts, only it focuses on timeless strategies and principles that will continue to deliver results for marketers next year, or any year.” (Based on a real article we did.)
  • “This is a video ad promoting an upcoming conference for content marketers. Unlike other conference ads, only this one speaks directly to hardcore content marketers who live, breathe, and sleep their craft so much so that they sometimes forget about the real world!” (Also a real video.)
  • “This is an infographic about your business. Unlike all other infographics, only this one accurately captures your USP and delivers the elevator pitch for your solution in 30 seconds or less.” (Hint: we can do this for you — learn more here.)

In today’s oversaturated online world, your content needs a strong “spin” in order to take off. And this exercise will help you find that spin, in minutes — and impart monster momentum to any article, video, podcast episode, or show you produce in the future. Use it wisely!


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