As an entrepreneur, there are non-negotiable things in your life that you simply can’t afford to neglect.

Your physical health is one of them.

We know, we know ‒ it’s tempting to dismiss your body as just this thing you use to get around. To be constantly sleep-deprived. To wake up groggy, trying to to karate-chop your alarm, or hit the snooze button twenty times before you get out of bed. To reheat pizza for breakfast, wolf down some junk food for lunch, and binge on nachos before sleep.

Which, by the way, is frantic and low-quality, because you can’t resist checking work email until the second you close your eyes.

But make no mistake, the ancients were right: a healthy mind can only inhabit an equally healthy body. Do you want to be a top performer? To blast through your business goals and make an impact on the world?

Then you’d better take care of your physical self before you obsess over KPIs and long-term vision!

Today’s guest on Get Genius podcast offers a unique take on the topic of health and fitness. This week, Summer has the pleasure to bring you AJ Mihrzad ‒ an extraordinary personal trainer, a brilliant entrepreneur, and a keen student of human psychology and behavioral change.

Here’s what you should know about AJ, and his philosophy:

  • Earlier in his life, he went from 60 pounds overweight to abs that go on for days (which Summer does remark upon very early in the episode).
  • AJ wrote the bestselling book, “The Mind Body Solution: Train your Brain for Permanent Weight Loss.” In it, he promotes a mindset-first approach to weight loss (we’ll discuss it later in the episode).
  • As a side effect, AJ also built an incredibly successful personal training business, and a bestselling coaching course, and in this episode you’ll hear all about how he did it!

His writing has also been featured in The Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, and AJ is a keynote speaker at high end entrepreneurial and personal development events. He is also the host of the popular podcast, the Online SuperCoach Podcast, available on iTunes.

Sounds promising? Wait till you hit “Play”!

Here’s what you will learn:

Introducing AJ Mihrzad [00:35]

What is the Mind Body Solution [01:00]

AJ’s story of going from 60 pounds overweight to “skinny-fat”, and finally fit and healthy [02:20]

The 3 pillars of health according to AJ [05:35]

How being healthy benefits business [09:17]

Testimonials [11:49]

What you can do to scale your business online [15:55]

Making results a priority [16:45]

AJ’s course [18:30]

AJ’s 12-week transformation [22:42]

The 2 questions AJ asks people before he works with them [26:14]

Curiosity as the ultimate driver of success [28:22]

AJ’s thoughts about ‘following your bliss’ [30:58]

AJ’s morning routine [31:24]

Copytalk ‒ a must-use if you need something transcribed [36:22]

How to claim a free fitness gift from AJ… [40:05]

…and also a free business book! [40:55]

Resources from AJ:

The Mind Body Solution – book

The Online Supercoach podcast
Text the word “amazing” to 33444 for a free book