…About 30 seconds. 

That’s how much time you have to impress a “cold” customer who has no idea about what you sell. 

There’s a lot riding on that handful of seconds. 

You can either dazzle your new prospect and make them crave to know more about your business — setting them on the path to becoming a raving fan and a lifelong buyer…

or you can bore them into forgetting that your company even exists, and losing interest in anything and everything you do. (Most likely forever.)

No pressure, right?

These high stakes are exactly why you need an effective Elevator Pitch.

With a short, clear statement precision-engineered to convert ideal prospects into paying customers, you can grow your business explosively — no matter the industry you’re in.

Sadly, 99% of Elevator Pitches fail to capture the attention of potential buyers.

So today, I want to help you craft the 1% pitch that actually succeeds.

Interested? Read on, and I will share how to… elevate (pun intended) your Elevator Pitch into a persuasion powerhouse that your prospects won’t be able to ignore! 

This week, you will learn a simple 3-step formula to:

  1. “Hook” your ideal customers on your pitch from the first second
  2. Reveal your product or service in a way that makes them beg to learn more
  3. Powerfully “seal the deal” with confidence and authenticity

Implement this formula, and your prospects will be lining up around the proverbial block to do business with you after they’ve heard your pitch!

Let’s dive in with the #1 mystery of persuasive Elevator Pitches — a.k.a. “what do I actually open with?” Here’s how to captivate your customer from Second One…


Step 1. Laser-focus on their hot, burning pain

Compare these two scenarios.

Scenario A

Customer: So what does your company do?

Entrepreneur: Oh, we make online courses about training large dog breeds, and…

Customer: *already checked out and not listening*

Scenario B

Customer: So what does your company do?

Entrepreneur: Lemme put it like this… I noticed you have a Husky. Does she gnaw on the furniture much?

Customer: UGH, you bet: she ruined my $3k mahogany desk last week!

Entrepreneur: Well, I can help you train her NOT to do that! We make dog training courses specifically for owners like you. Wanna know more?

Customer: OMG yes, I need that yesterday!

Now, here’s why the customer’s reactions are so different…

Scenario A is all about you; Scenario B is all about them. So which one do you think they’ll care about more? …Exactly.


Whenever a potential customer asks, “What does your company do?” — deep down, it’s not what they actually want to know. There’s another question hiding skin-deep under the polite cliche. They’re just not saying it out loud!

And this unspoken question matters a thousand times more to your prospects. It goes like this…

“How can your company help me?”

Now, you can probably answer both questions the same way: by droning out all the things your company does and putting the poor customer to sleep.

Of course, you’re not gonna do that. Not if you’re serious about getting their business!

Instead, you will open your Elevator Pitch with the one thing your target market cares about… 

The #1 problem your business can solve for them.

E.g. check out how this Elevator Pitch video starts:

As you can see, opening with the problem grabs your prospects’ attention and perfectly sets up your solution. Because once you’ve established that you understand your market’s burning pain, they will be dying (metaphorically) to hear about your answer to their woes!

Speaking of…


Step 2. Present your solution as THE answer they need

You did it. You’ve grabbed your prospect’s attention. You’ve shown them that you are intimately familiar with the #1 pain that keeps them up at night — and you might even have a solution.

Wait, scratch that: not a solution… THE solution.

This is the part where you position your product or service to a potential customer as the ultimate answer to their breathless, repeated prayers. The long-awaited cure. The perfect fit.

And because you took the time to connect with their problem, they will actually listen to you! No more glossy-eyed fake attention — your prospects will devour every detail of your offer, now that you’ve made it sound valuable and relevant to their lives.

For a couple of examples on how to do that, check out these infographic-style Elevator Pitches my team has done: one for Amy Porterfield — the global thought leader in online courses; and one for Ashley Smith — the founder of Forming Her.

See how the solution leads naturally from the problem, following the prospect’s thought pattern precisely? That’s exactly what makes a persuasive Elevator Pitch impossible to ignore!

Now, to guarantee that your potential customers will stay hooked on every word, follow these simple rules of thumb for your pitch:

  1. Describe specific benefits and outcomes that matter to your target audience — don’t just rattle off features and selling points and expect them to care!
  2. Call out who your solution is for, so there’s no doubt in your prospects’ minds that you’ve created your offer specifically for them.
  3. Package and name your unique differentiators in a way that sticks in your audience’s minds. Coming up with a memorable acronym or a catchy offer name is super helpful!

And now, it’s time for the critical final piece of the puzzle that truly ties your whole Elevator Pitch together, and pulls prospects in like an industrial-strength magnet…


Step 3. Ignite their imagination with a vision of results

So far, you’ve caught your prospects’ interest by talking about their gnarliest challenges; and you’ve intrigued them by describing your solution…

But what does it actually take for them to want to do business with you — desperately?

That’s simple.

All you need to do is show your potential customers a future where they’ve already succeeded, all thanks to your solution! Mentally whisk them away from the “before” state in which they are languishing now… 

…and into the “after” state they so powerfully crave.

Ask yourself:

How will your buyers’ lives change after using your product or service? How will their day-to-day experience transform in small, tangible ways? In what respects will they feel different on the inside? Which opportunities and futures will be open to them that haven’t been before?

All that is the final piece of your persuasion puzzle. Use it to paint your prospects’ futures before their eyes, in mesmerizing detail — and transport them to that ideal “after” picture.

Because once their imagination leads them there, they will want to experience it for real.

And that means, they will snatch at the first opportunity to invest in your offer!

For a great example of Step 3 in action, check out this infographic Elevator Pitch — it paints a striking picture of the “before and after,” just like we’ve talked about:


Now that you know the 3 elements of a magnetic, irresistible Elevator Pitch, do you want to make your own? Well, then my team and I would looove to help you! Here’s how…


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