Here’s a great rule of thumb that works in business and life…

Hard choices are usually good for you.

Preparing a home-cooked meal when you’d rather just order Chinese…

Going for a morning jog instead of hitting the snooze button a trillion times…

Managing your finances – as opposed to working hard and hoping you’ll have enough to survive retirement.

It’s that last one we want to discuss today.

No, we can’t talk about something else. We know that most entrepreneurs would rather wax lyrical about 99 ways to make money than learn even one way to invest what they’ve earned. And we know it because that’s exactly how we think, too!

So buckle up – it’s time to do some adulting.

You’re about to listen to one of the most fun conversations about investing and financial planning that you’ve heard in a long time. Now, there’s a sentence you don’t hear very often!

This week on the Get Genius podcast, we’re sitting down with Damion Lupo – a real estate investor extraordinaire, and the world’s most unemployable man.

And here’s why you will want to listen to what he has to say:

  • When it comes to real estate investing, Damion has made every mistake in the book. So much so that he went completely broke six months into his investing career almost twenty years ago!
  • After he lost everything, Damion built a $20 million portfolio over 5 years. He owned 150 properties in total – including houses, apartment buildings, and condos. We say “owned” because in 2008 Damion lost everything again.
  • Post-2008 crash, Damion rebuilt his investing career back to 8 figures. Along the way, he started more than 35 different businesses, and became a mentor and advisor to dozens of other investors who wanted to multiply their wealth.

Damion’s advice on investing and managing your money is unorthodox and, more importantly, ridiculously effective. He personally spent $1,000,000 on seminars, education products, and coaching to absorb everything there is to learn on the subject. More importantly, he applied it all countless times – through his own business, and through the people he mentored!

Whether you’ve never invested a single cent, or have a diverse and healthy portfolio already, this interview is guaranteed to give you insights and tips you can apply to your financial life. Enjoy!

Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Damion

[11:43] Damion’s greatest investing mistakes, and what listeners can learn from them

[14:00] Understanding the difference between what you want and who you are

[15:50] The surprising reasons it can be so difficult to get control of your finances

[18:15] What an unhealthy financial life looks like…

[21:10] …and now compare that to a healthy financial life

[26:20] Do you need a financial planner? Here’s how to know for certain

[28:42] What it’s like to work with Damion’s company, Total Control Financial

[33:35] Damion’s framework for picking the right investment opportunities

[36:33] Top questions clients ask when they come to Damion

[38:50] The biggest financial transformation Damion has helped achieve

[44:50] Where to go to find out more about Damion

Resources from Damion:

Total Control Financial