Welcome to a fun monthly series where you will get to know our two favorite, loveable, un-artistic artists, Erik Kerr & Summer Felix, founders of The Draw Shop.

“But wait,” you cry, “can they even draw?”

Let’s just say, Erik Kerr & Summer Felix are innovative artists of the networking, business and marketing medium.

The team at The Draw Shop would now like to (in)formally expose and introduce you to Erik & Summer:

How did they meet?

Erik & Summer met at a networking and personal/business development event.  They were the two over-caffeinated troublemakers in the back of the room laughing over Erik’s mismatched socks.

After their mutual laughter and embarrassment subsided, something clicked in their conversation alerting them that they were on to something special, when and if they worked together.

The Summer Felix of The Draw Shop | Stunning Copywriting Maven

The Summer Felix of The Draw Shop | Stunning Copywriting Maven

What do each of them bring to the table?  How was The Draw Shop born?

Erik has a zany sense of humor and wicked business sense while Summer radiates ease and brilliance in copywriting and marketing.  Together, they are a powerhouse team behind the brains, beauty and brawn of The Draw Shop.

Not so long ago, Erik daydreamed about book trailers and, knowing some great artists were fruits from the loins of his hometown in Utah, they came up with some epic whiteboard and cartoon animation and how to utilize it as a marketing tool.

Summer brings her writing skills and expertise of the infomercial world to the table. Think Suzanne Sommers informercial minus the 804 health supplements.  We’re pretty sure Summer doesn’t have the desire to live to be 123 years old.  She just likes to string together fancy sentences and market those sentences in a way that appeals to your customers.

If they could choose any artistic talent, what would they really be doing?

We all think that Erik could be a stand-up comedian, but he says he would really love to be able to sing in a soulful, bluesy way.  Unfortunately (for Erik) rumor has it, that he’s really a terrible singer.  In fact, his wife won’t even let him sing in church.  She says it drives away the Holy Spirit.  So, there’s that small thing standing in his way.

Summer admits that she would love to grow longer legs to become a jazz or contemporary dancer like those beautiful, young things on So You Think You Can Dance.  Hey Summer, maybe you can find a leg growing pill on a late night informercial?!

Erik Kerr of The Draw Shop | Mad Marketing Genius

Erik Kerr of The Draw Shop (with his beautiful better half) | Mad Marketing Genius

Let’s cut to the chase — Can either of them draw?

Great question, right?  The short answer is NO, neither Erik nor Summer can draw.

The longer response includes how they thoroughly enjoy the creative process both in business and in telling your clients’ story.

Like anything else, there have been lots of trial and error (how else are you gonna learn?) in lighting and cartooning, but they have really turned it around by creating an awesome video marketing tool that is effective in getting your client’s message out.  We all know the saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words.”

If that’s the case, then we ask you to ponder this —

What is a cartoon worth?