You’ve created a glorious explainer video for your business. 

You’ve put a ton of effort into it, and it shows! Your video communicates the game-changing value of your offer, and your brand, with clarity and power. It’s pure persuasion poetry. 

…But if you can’t get your ideal customers to watch it, then it might as well not exist. 

This is a challenge most business owners face when they invest in video marketing. They end up with this amazing asset, but only a vague idea of what to actually do with it. And without that key piece of the puzzle, it’s going to be very challenging to generate the highest ROI their video is capable of. 

So today, I want to show you 5 very simple promotion channels that you can use to get eyeballs on your explainer video pretty much immediately. All of them are free and available to you right now. I highly recommend that you leverage all 5 to get the most value out of your newest asset!

Let’s get started…

Pictured: a brown-skinned woman with a blond mohawk is operating a futuristic holo screen with lots of icons: YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, etc.

1. Promote your video through your email list

Email marketing is the surest way to get your video in front of ideal customers as soon as possible. Even if your list is small, it still has two massive advantages over other channels:

  1. Unlike social media, email is way more targeted. Chances are, you have more potential (and existing!) buyers on your list than anywhere else. That means, you want to prioritize them over random viewers 10 times out of 10.
  2. Using email to promote your video will give you higher clickthrough rates compared to other channels — 2.6% on average, compared to less than 1% on social media, for example. This means more views and potentially more conversions!

Email is still the best way to communicate with your leads, prospects and customers directly, hands down. If you want your ideal customers to watch your new video, and generate that all-important spike of early traffic, this is the first channel you want to leverage.

Pro tip: experiment with different ways of highlighting your video content in emails. E.g. you can try an animated GIF outtake with a call to action, a hyperlinked screenshot, a list of timestamps describing the content, etc. Test these different options and see what your subscribers prefer.

2. Feature the video on your most-visited pages

Want to get your explainer video in front of as many potential customers as possible? Then put it where they already are — a.k.a. on the pages of your website that get the most traffic!

For the vast majority of businesses, their two most-visited pages are:

  1. The homepage, because it serves as the starting point for most visitors who are new to your brand. Enhancing your homepage with a compelling video can reduce your bounce rate, boost the number of leads you are capturing, and help “warm up” visitors who don’t know much about you.
  2. The About page, because that’s where most people go to learn more about your company, and how it can help them. Adding a video to your About page is the perfect way to channel that initial attention and start building trust with your audience.

Needless to say, not every video asset would be suitable to feature on your site so prominently. For this, prioritize videos with big-picture messaging about your brand, the problems you’re solving for your customers, your USP, and your flagship offers.

For example, for our process page (which is part of our About section), we showcased a 2m 31s video explaining — you guessed it! — The Draw Shop’s unique process.

3. Publish it on your blog (with a companion article)

Your blog can also help boost views and engagement on your explainer video, provided that you invest a little extra effort.

What does that mean? Let me elaborate…

Simply reposting the video on your blog with a headline — and maybe a short description, if you’re feeling extra fancy — won’t do much to attract high-quality attention to it. It’s not that your blog audience can’t appreciate rich visual content. They can, and they will!

But it’s safe to say that the main reason they follow your blog is for the articles. Images, video, etc. exist to support the main content, not to be the main attraction.

So if you are sharing the video on the blog, make sure that you write a post to go with it.

The easiest way to do that is by sharing a nicely formatted transcript of the video itself in that same post. First of all, it’s great for SEO — now potential customers will have an easier time finding your video online, because you’d better believe that transcript is getting indexed by Google!

But also, it gives your customers a choice between watching the video and reading the article, which is great for accessibility and makes your message harder to miss.

Tip: you can also take your article in a different direction, and expand on the video with a story, behind the scenes details, extra insights, and more. E.g. here’s how we did it on our blog.

4. Upload and optimize your explainer video for YouTube

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world — right after Google itself. If you want more eyeballs on your video, uploading it to YouTube makes perfect sense.

…If, that is, you make the extra effort to optimize your video content for the platform.

That means, simply posting the video and waiting for views to roll in won’t be enough. Instead, you want to invest a bit of time and energy into:

  • A click-worthy title and a compelling description for your video — so your viewers have a clear idea what it’s about.
  • An attractive thumbnail that will draw your viewers’ attention if your video pops up in their Recommended feed, or in search results.
  • Tags and keywords to make your content more discoverable. To stay on YouTube’s good side, use relevant tags only — and lead with the most important ones.
  • Subtitles / closed captions. These will help with SEO and make your content accessible to more viewers.
  • Cards and End Screens. These conversion-friendly features will ensure that more viewers take action after watching your video — which is your #1 objective.

Follow these guidelines, and you’ll be able to harness YouTube’s gigantic platform to drive even more high-quality views to your video content!

5. Promote your video on social media

As far as video promotion channels go, social media is a bit of a double-edged sword.

Sure, your content can reach a lot of new people — and you can extend that reach further with paid promotion. But the biggest downside of socials is their much lower engagement, as well as click-through and conversion rates (as you’ve seen in strategy #1).

Luckily, there are things you can do to boost your video’s performance on social media! For example, you can…

  • Leverage high-engagement formats like Stories (FB / Instagram) and Reels (Instagram) when sharing your video content for the first time. The majority of your followers won’t see these… but the most active ones will. And if you want conversions, that’s all that matters. Plus, you can re-share the same video later on your feed anyway!
  • Add some context to the content. E.g. if you’re sharing a video on Twitter, don’t just post the title and the link. Start by tweeting a short “tease” about the content, along with the thumbnail. Then, reply to the original tweet with the link to the video. And after that, do a short thread sharing some of the insights from the video. That way, even the people who don’t watch it will still retain part of your message.
  • Prioritize social media sites that are more video-friendly, like Facebook or Instagram, or the ones where you have a more active following, or those with a greater share of your ideal customers. For example, for B2B brands, LinkedIn is the best option when it comes to video promotion, by far.

Lots of businesses have a history of underwhelming results with social media. I hope that these tips will help you buck that trend — and get more conversions and sales from this notoriously difficult channel!

Let us help you create your next high-converting video

Now that you have 5 actionable strategies on hand for how to promote your next explainer video… let’s get you something worth promoting, shall we? *wink*

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And more. 

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