Explainer videos are short, engaging videos that explain your product or service and get people excited about what you offer. They are designed to grab attention, describe your product or service in a compelling way, and inspire people to make a move, like dig deeper into your site to learn more, contact you for a free consultation, or make a purchase.

Explainer videos have exploded in the last year or so due to the incredible impact they’ve had on many businesses’ traffic and sales numbers.  Forrester Research found that web pages with video were 53 times more likely to receive an organic first-page ranking in Google than non-video web pages.  And according to Rico Andrade of TechCrunch, explainer videos improve a website’s conversion rates by 15%-75%.

How would a boost in traffic and conversion rate like that affect your bottom line?

Another key benefit of making an explainer video, is that you can create a unique identity for your company and brand and give people a feel for who you are.  They can be fun and intelligent and entertain in a way that encourages people to share them and make them go viral.

Which may make you wonder, HOW can you ensure your explainer videos will be a powerful marketing tool?   We’re glad you asked.please-explain_1-450x337

1.  Promote without being sales-y.

Explainer videos allow you to demonstrate the value you offer without coming across as overly salesy.  Used car salesman, anyone?  Because their primary purpose is to explain what you or your product does, they don’t have the same persuasive overtones as a commercial you’d see on TV or hear on the radio.  Forge an emotional connection

A well-crafted explainer video entertains as well as informs.  It creates a positive emotional connection in the minds of the people who watch.  As a result, they’ll be more likely to feel good about your company and want to learn more about you or tell their friends about you.

2.  Boost your SEO

As mentioned above, having a video on your website will greatly increase your chances of appearing on the first page of results in Google.  With YouTube, the world’s second largest search engine, posting your video there is a great way to get high-powered links to your site and also present your video to a huge new audience.

3.  Expand your press coverage

Launching a new video is a great reason to send out press releases.  This is a great way to encourage local and industry-specific media to run a story on your business, boosting your links and traffic numbers even higher.

4.  Increase customer satisfaction

Because product explainer videos allow you to give people a crystal-clear idea of exactly what your product does, they’ll be able to make a more informed buying decision and are much less likely to be greeted with unexpected surprises. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction and a reduction in refunds and customer service issues.

5.  Grow your sales

Finally, explainer videos help you increase your website’s capacity to convert visitors to buyers.  Combine that with the jump in traffic you’ll get from improved SEO and press coverage, and you’ll see how powerful an explainer video can be.

Looking for whiteboard and cartoon animation that won’t cost an arm and a leg?

At the Draw Shop, we specialize in creating whiteboard and cartoon animation explainer videos that do a great job of engaging viewers and presenting your business in a professional light – at a fraction of the cost of other types of explainer videos.

If you’d like to learn more about whiteboard and cartoon animation and explainer videos, please feel free to send out a carrier pigeon, send up a flare, or just call.  We offer 20-minute consultation sessions gratis and would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Drop us an email or let your fingers do the walking:  858-432-DRAW.