Everything You Need To Know About The Explainer Video Process

If you want to create a high-converting explainer video, it helps to know what the explainer video production process is like.

The old adage, “Don’t find out how the sausage is made,” doesn’t apply here!

Here at The Draw Shop, we know a thing or two about producing high-quality explainer videos quickly and efficiently. We maintain one of the shortest turnaround times in the industry – just 4 weeks.

(And that’s for regular projects, by the way. Our RUSH timelines are even faster!)

In today’s article, we’ll show you the ins and outs of our explainer video process. It’s just between you, us, and the rest of the Internet.

We begin with the most important step – conveniently enough, it’s also the first one!

Step 1. The creative brief

Trying to make an explainer video without a detailed creative brief is like baking without a recipe. Chances are that everything will either burn to a crisp or explode all over the kitchen – possibly both.

OK, maybe it’s not exactly like that. Bottom line is, your creative brief is the most important building block in your entire explainer video process.

A good creative brief will cover:

  • The target market the video is made for
  • The topic of your explainer video
  • In what context the customers will see it
  • Your customers’ top questions or concerns
  • Your core message and USP as a brand

And much, much more. A great brief is 90 percent focused on your target customer and what they want, your company’s message, and why said customers should pay attention to you instead of your many competitors.

So naturally, it’s going to be quite detailed! For reference, The Draw Shop’s creative briefs are 25 questions long – and that’s why our explainer video process is so smooth. We take the time to get as many things right as possible from the get-go.

Next, there’s the script…

Step 2. The script

Scripting is the second most important step in your explainer video process.

Without a persuasive script, you could have the most amazing visuals, voice talent, and music all working in perfect harmony with one another…

…and your video would still fail.

Effective scripting is about two things:

  1. What your viewers want – truly, madly, deeply
  2. How your product or service can help them get it

A great explainer video script resonates with viewers emotionally – on the level of their desires, pains, hopes, fears, barriers and uncertainties. Then, the script frames your offer as the answer to those things, and compels people to take action.

Naturally, writing persuasive copy is hard work, and it often takes a few tries to get it juuust right. That’s why we include our clients in the scripting process as much as possible, and allow for up to two rounds of revisions at no extra cost.

If you want to see what a conversion-focused script looks like, check out this article. Now, let’s move on to the next step in our explainer video production process…


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Steps 3 and 4. Voiceover and Storyboarding

Once you have a high-converting script capable to knock your customers’ socks right off, it’s time to give it shape with excellent voicework and visuals.

And the reason we’re tackling both steps at the same time is because at The Draw Shop, these two stages happen in parallel! Once the script is hot off the press, we send it to an artist for storyboarding and help the client pick the voice actor to narrate the script.

We do it to keep the turnaround time as fast as possible without sacrificing the quality of our client’s final video. And because by this time we’ve ironed out most of the kinks during the scripting stage, we can afford to do that!

That said, we don’t leave anything to chance: as with scripting, our clients get two rounds of revisions on the storyboarding and voiceover as well. If, at this early stage, they dislike anything about the visuals or the narration, they can let us know and we’ll make changes within 24 hours.

Step 5. Filming / Animation

Once we make certain that the script is persuasive, the narration is compelling, and the storyboards are engaging, it’s time to film the main visuals.

It’s common practice to create explainer videos using pre-made visual assets and special software that makes the animation process easier. We understand why some companies choose this approach – and we respectfully disagree.

Here at The Draw Shop, we animate each explainer video from scratch. For example, when you watch one of our whiteboard and cartoon animations, what you see is sped-up footage of an artist drawing everything by hand, on an actual whiteboard.

Similarly, all other videos we create in different animation styles are custom-made and unique. We don’t want your brand to be associated with generic stock visuals – so we’re always happy to walk the extra mile if it means your explainer video will stand out from the crowd!

Step 6. Editing

Editing is the final stage of our explainer video production process. And because we’ve been soliciting brutally honest feedback from the client and making the necessary revisions every step of the way, this one is usually a breeze!

During editing, we time the animation to the voiceover, create additional animations like transitions, incorporate value-adds like closed captions, and cut anything that doesn’t belong in the video or otherwise undermines its awesomeness.

Finally, we convert “the final cut” into .mp4, which is the most widely usable video format, and reveal it to the client with bated breath…

And here’s what The Draw Shop’s clients have to say about our work!

Experience our explainer video process first-hand

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A great explainer video can help you generate high-quality leads, qualify prospects before your initial call or meeting, get more client referrals, hire top talent, and solve any number of tough business challenges. Imagine what it can do for you!

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