facebook videosWhen was the last time you glanced at your Facebook news feed? Did you notice anything interesting? Like, maybe, an avalanche of videos strewn about by any chance?

It’s official: Facebook is pushing video in a huge way. And as they do, more and more people are going to start to think of FB as their go-to platform for watching videos. (Yes, maybe even more so than YouTube.)

What that means is that, if your target market hangs out on Facebook, then your video marketing collateral is about to get much more valuable. The ability to have it seen by 2x, 3x and even larger audiences is now a real possibility.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of this trend in order to maximize your results:

1. Create short videos

In general, we don’t advise limiting the length of your videos — at least not without a good reason. With that said, all else being equal, viewers popping onto Facebook are more likely to be looking for shorter content to consume. You can still create longer videos, but you might want to chop them into “bite size” 30-60 second clips that’ll get more FB love.

2. Create shareable videos

Just because your video is interesting and cool, doesn’t mean it’ll necessarily go viral — even with the Facebook “share” button at everyone’s disposal when they watch it. For maximum shareability, make sure to pack your video content with emotion, practical value, and social currency, all of which are scientifically proven to contribute to virality.

3. Don’t neglect YouTube

Facebook may be turning into a powerhouse of a video content marketing hub, but it’s unlikely that YouTube is going away anytime soon. So make sure to give both channels your TLC, and you’ll be paid dividends on your investment in each.