Do you want to get more mileage out of your marketing content?

Turn it into a cartoon!

Seriously. It’s one of the best ways to turn boring content into appealing, persuasive attention-grabbers. No matter what industry you’re in, you can create a cartoon animation that fits your brand and attracts your ideal customers.

In today’s article, we’ll give you five ideas on how to animate your marketing (get it?) using cartoons! Or maybe six ideas… Read on and you’ll find out!

Create a cartoon animation of your “live action” content

Do you have an impressive clip from a talk or a presentation you — or someone else — gave on behalf of your company?

Maybe your CEO was a keynote speaker at a prestigious conference. Or you invited a well-known influencer to speak at your corporate headquarters. It could even be a recording from a sales seminar, or any other event — doesn’t matter.

As long as it has one or more interesting segment, you can create a cartoon animation from it. To see an example of what we’re talking about, check out this nifty animation from a talk by Brené Brown. It takes one idea from her extensive presentation and tells it through a lively cartoon.

After you create the cartoon animation, you can put it to multiple uses:

       To promote the full talk itself.

       To engage your target audience.

       As a sample in a speaking “highlight reel.”

       To publish it on your social media profiles.

And more. A crisp, clear message brought to life through cartoon animation might even surpass your “proper” video talk in popularity and engagement!

Animate the best outtakes from your podcasts (or other audio)

Audio is making a comeback. You can’t swing a cat without it hitting a podcaster these days (we’re ones to talk, eh?).

Sadly, attracting listeners to audio content isn’t as straightforward as getting more eyeballs to video. Most audio hosting services don’t make it easy for people to discover new content — and self-hosting it on the website will only get you so far.

The solution is to take the previous tactic we mentioned and adapt it to your audio content, too!

Interviews, narratively-driven episodic shows, talk and banter, how-to podcast episodes… Whatever kind of audio content you produce, you’re bound to end up with some hilarious bits. Bloopers, unrelated tangents, jokes, attention-grabbing discussions — you name it.

All of these make excellent fodder for a talented animator… so use them. Take your audio and create a cartoon animation to enhance it. In video form, it will spread much further!

Obviously, you can use these short cartoon animations to promote your audio content on platforms that heavily favor video: YouTube, Vimeo, and so on.

In addition, you can embed them in your blog posts next to full-length episodes as a little “teaser” of what people might hear. You can also insert them in your emails to increase click-through rates. And of course, you should use them as social videos!

Create a cartoon animation for your internal content

The #1 mistake business owners make is assume that their team will be invested and engaged by default. Why shouldn’t they be? After all, they work for you!

Well, newsflash: your employees aren’t robotic. They want to deal with something interesting and fun. Shocking, we know.

So why make them sit through dull training videos and even duller corporate presentations? If you want to grab your employees’ attention from the first second, and make a lasting impression with your message, there’s an easier way to achieve this…

Create a cartoon animation of your corporate content. Whether it’s about health and safety, your code of conduct, or quarterly revenue targets, animation makes everything better.

Your onboarding and training process will improve, because cartoon animations are more memorable. Employees will internalize what they learn better and faster, because they’ll identify with the characters. People might even start paying attention in meetings!


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Onboard new customers with cartoon animations

OK, we just established that employees don’t magically absorb information about your company just because you’re paying them. But what about customers?

Surely, when you pay for a product or service, you expect to get your money’s worth. By all sane logic, it should help you learn about your purchase, and put it to good use.

Yeah… that’s not happening, either. We hate to break it to you, but most of your customers aren’t going to be any more attentive and engaged than your employees, or even random viewers.

So if you onboard new customers by teaching them about your product or service, expect them to know the basics, and be able to do things, you need an onboarding experience with brain hooks. Metaphorically speaking.

If you’re looking for an example of how an animated onboarding video might work, check out this clip from Headspace. Cute, right? But more importantly, ridiculously effective.

Onboarding new customers with a cartoon animation outperforms written tutorials, even supplemented with screenshots. In some cases, it even beats concierge onboarding with a real person!

Besides providing helpful orientation to first-time buyers, an onboarding cartoon will help you nurture them into long-term customers, drastically reduce your refund rate, and significantly increase your revenue down the line. What’s not to love?

Have a high-performing ad? Create an animated version of it!

The advertising world is needlessly focused on live action video. And we’re not just saying that because we’re biased in favor of animation.

According to research, cartoons really are more persuasive. But that’s not the whole story. The other reason why cartoon animation is so great for advertising is that it stands out easily.

In the world of live-action video, genius directors spend decades perfecting their signature styles that make them instantly recognizable. With cartoons, achieving a memorable look is nowhere near as difficult.

Even if the entire world were to go cartoon-crazy tomorrow, and every piece of advertising became animated… it would still be very easy to stand out with interesting visuals and unusual creative choices.

And if your customers remember your ads, you win!

If you have an advert for your product or service that’s already been proven to perform well, you should create a cartoon animation of it. Then, test it against your “vanilla” ad as a control and see what happens!

(bonus) Delight people with an animated thank-you note

This one is just a little thought experiment.

If we could come up with one type of cartoon animation that any business could use, no matter the industry, the size, and the resources… what would it be?

And the answer is — a super-short animated thank-you note.

Seriously, these are awesome. They are memorable — hardly anyone goes to the trouble of thanking people they barely know. They can be animated with very minimal effort, and still look great. They can be re-used, with just a little customization each time.

And most importantly… they are universal.

No matter what you sell, you will end up in situations that call for a delightful thank-you note:

       A prospect has a call with you.

       A customer buys for the first time.

       A business partner helps you put together a presentation.

       An employee goes above and beyond.

       A longtime customer has a birthday.

Creating a cartoon animation as a thank-you note sounds like trivial advice, but it isn’t. Think about how many you have received in the past year… exactly. Nobody makes the effort. There’s your way to stand out, and be the exception!

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