So, you’ve created a whiteboard video that is valuable, entertaining, and fabulous-looking. You’re itching to unleash it on the world. You can practically see the view count going up from single digits into double digits, then into the hundreds, and thousands…

But what if it doesn’t happen? What if nobody watches it? What if, instead of going viral, or even getting a decent number of views, your video end up a sad, forgotten thing, like some low-fi recording of a small-town budget committee meeting?

(Yes, we simply searched the least watched videos on YouTube for this one.)

In today’s world, oversaturated with content, this is a frighteningly real possibility.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. In today’s post, we’ll show you five underused promotion strategies that are guaranteed to get some eyeballs on your whiteboard and cartoon animation video in a hurry!

Let’s dive in, starting with the one that takes the least amount of work…

Promotion Strategies

1. Link to the video in your email signature

Spending all this time in your inbox: writing emails, responding to people, following up… Just how many emails per day do you send? Over the course of a week, or a month, the messages add up.

Use those communications as an opportunity to promote your video in a low-key, dead easy manner. Just link to it in your email signature – boom, done! It will be especially effective if you host it on a landing page with an opt-in. That way, you’ll actually gain some subscribers, too.

We know it’s not a “sexy” promotion strategy, but it’s exceptionally easy to do, and it works. Everyone needs small wins to build momentum – this could be yours.

Note: You can also link to the video in the P.S. of your email campaigns. Even if you do a one-off promotion to your email list, it’s still just one message, and most of your subscribers won’t see it. But putting it in the postscript for 5-10 future emails will make sure that you’ll get more views – without annoying your audience.

2. Post it on different video platforms (with a link)

If the goal of your whiteboard video is to lead people back to your website, then you should, by all means, post it on any major platform you have a presence on. YouTube, or Vimeo, or even Facebook would be great places to feature it.

But here’s the part too many people miss… It has to link back to your website. You could promise a free download to the viewers who click through, or some bonus information – anything to stoke their curiosity and promise more value if they take action.

Note: If your whiteboard video is originally hosted on a third-party website, like YouTube or Vimeo, you should embed it wherever you can. This will influence the rankings of the video on the platform itself, making it more discoverable (especially if you optimised it for search). This means more views for you, and more people ending up on your website.

Oh, and it’s reportedly good for SEO, too.

3. Schedule on social media for repeat exposure

On the surface, making a post about your newest whiteboard video on social media is just about the most useless thing to do.

After all, the average lifespan of a Facebook post is around 5 hours. For tweets, the number is even more depressing – 18 minutes, according to Moz.

And even then, once your post has been seen, you have to beat the odds of dismal clickthrough rates on both Facebook (6.5% being the most optimistic estimate) and Twitter (1.64% if you’re lucky).

One way to overcome these hurdles, and make sure that as many of your followers as possible see your video, is to schedule several posts in advance. Using a tool like Buffer, or any other social media scheduling apps will help you do it easily.

Note: You can also go old-school and set aside 10 minutes every Friday to schedule some posts in advance for the coming week.

4. Do a video guest post

This tactic required you to do a bit more work, but it’s a little-known (and pretty cool) way to get more views on your whiteboard video.

What you do is basically this:

  1. Reach out to bloggers whose niche is related to the topic of your video.
  2. Let them know you’ve come up with a great video on said topic, and ask them if it’s something that their audience would find valuable.
  3. Ask if they’d like to see the video.
  4. If they say “yes”, send them the video and ask for feedback.

If they like it, then you can ask them to post it on their blog – possibly with a bonus mini-article giving the blog’s readers even more valuable information.

Note: Do not, we repeat, do not simply send them the link to the whiteboard video and ask them to share. That’s just plain rude and presumptuous. Asking permission first will work much better for you (just ask Seth Godin).

5. Re-purpose

We have talked about re-purposing your whiteboard and cartoon animation video before. In that post, we mostly talked about how to take your already well-received content, and squeeze even more proverbial juice out of it.

But repurposing works equally well for promoting a brand-new video. Here are just a few ideas of how you could do this :

  • Share annotated storyboards on SlideShare.
  • Transcribe the video and offer it as a PDF download on a platform like Scribd.
  • Put up the voice-over on SoundCloud.
  • Post an intriguing screenshot on Pinterest.
  • Share an outtake on social media.

The #1 thing to remember is, always add a call to action to view the original video, with a link. This will give you more views on your whiteboard and cartoon animation video, and possibly quite a few new leads as well!

Note: A “lite” version of this tactic would be to seek out threads and posts on the Web about the topic related to your video (for example, on Quora), and insert yourself in the conversation. Be helpful, don’t be spammy, provide a valuable and detailed answer… and at the end, say:

“By the way, we did an explainer video about this. Here it is if you want to have a look.”

That’s it. Just remember: provide value first, link to your stuff later.

There’s nothing worse than coming out with something amazing and only getting crickets in response. We hope that these 5 promotion strategies will help your whiteboard and cartoon animation videos get the viewership they deserve. Enjoy!

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