Did you take on business debt to build and grow your company?

If so, that’s understandable. We can’t all bootstrap, or raise capital, or have rich parents (the real venture capitalists behind some wildly successful startups).

Sometimes, credit is the only available way to start, or grow, a business.

But whether you succeeded or not, you’re still facing the same challenge: how do you pay off your business debt?

That’s what we’ll discuss in today’s episode of the Get Genius podcast. We’ll cover:

  • How to pay off business debt (even if you have huge amounts of it)…
  • Financing your business in the smartest way possible…
  • Optimizing your savings for maximum earning potential…

…and just for good measure, since 73 percent of Americans are in debt of some kind, we’ll talk about personal debt, too! Car loans, student loans, mortgages – you name it!

You might be wondering, “Who could possibly be an expert on all these different types of debt?”

Jordan Goodman, a.k.a. America’s Money Answers Man!

For over 35 years, Jordan has been addressing people’s biggest fears, pains, and sticking points about personal finance. He was the Wall Street Correspondent at MONEY Magazine for 18 years, a regular financial analyst for NBC News for 9 years, and for Marketplace Radio – for 6 years.

Jordan  is a regular guest on numerous national and local TV and radio shows. He hosts the weekly Money Answers Radio Show on the VoiceAmerica Business Network. He has written 14 books including Fast Profits in Hard Times, Master Your Debt, The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans, Master Your Money Type and The Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms.

With a resume like that, is it any surprise how stoked we are to have Jordan on the show?

In this episode, he will bombard you – in a good way – with insights, tips, resources, hacks, useful links, and all manner of helpful advice on paying off your business or personal debt.

But even if your business is cash-positive and your personal debt is handled (lucky you!), you still want to listen – because Jordan will tell you about ways to get the most out of your money that you might not have thought of!

Bottom line is, you will want to write stuff down, and visit the show notes for all the juicy links and resources mentioned in the episode. And now, please enjoy this conversation with Jordan Goodman!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Jordan

[04:55] Jordan’s journey to becoming America’s Money Answers Man

[07:14] How Jordan makes connections for businesses that allow everyone to win

[10:58] Financing your business in the smartest way possible

[16:30] What to do when you find yourself in large amounts of debt

[20:17] Keeping business credit and personal credit separate

[25:23] Optimizing your savings to make the most money

[33:51] Tips on paying off student debts

[37:55] Tips on paying off car loans

[40:31] Paying off your mortgage in 5 years

[49:33] Where you can find out more about Jordan

Resources from Jordan:

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