One Super Simple Way to Add Massive Revenue to Your Business

In 20+ years of owning different businesses, I’ve tried every revenue-boosting tactic and strategy in the book… 

Or so I thought! 

I’ve built physical products, created upsells, wrote books, designed different service packages, sold membership subscriptions, did joint ventures — you name it. 

But then my good friend Amy Porterfield came along and told me I was missing out on the simplest, most obvious thing I could do to grow my business.

Something that would:

  • Fit right into The Draw Shop’s existing offers
  • Be ridiculously fun to create and launch
  • Massively change our clients’ lives for the better
  • And potentially scale to an additional 6 or even 7 figures

Now, if this were anybody else, I’d have said, “Ugh, yeah, try again with someone else because I’ve heard this one before. My too-good-to-be-true sense is tingling!”

But Amy is as legit as they come. And I’m not just saying it just because we’re friends.  Everyone I look up to tells me Amy is the real deal. Plus, I’ve seen first-hand how whip-smart, dedicated, and honest she is.

If someone like that says that I’m missing out on an opportunity to create more income and impact in my business, the least I can do is hear them out. So I asked Amy to tell me more.

She gave me a stern look and said:

“Summer, why haven’t you done a digital course yet?”

How to grow your business revenue with digital courses

3 reasons I should have created an online course YEARS ago (and so should you)

My first instinct was to dismiss Amy’s idea. I run a video marketing agency, what would I want with online courses? Also, I don’t know the first thing about creating a course! Also-also, I don’t have the time! Also-also-also, what would I even teach?

Well, Amy had a bulletproof answer to every question and objection I asked her. And she started by explaining to me why digital courses are a great idea for The Draw Shop — or any business.

(Yes, including yours!)

According to Amy, there are 3 main reasons:

Reason #1. Online courses can complement and enhance almost any offer. If you run a product-based business, you can create an online course that helps your customers use it better. Ditto for a software business. And in a service business, you can teach your clients some of your trade “secrets” — again, through a digital course!

(That last one sounds like a bad idea — but I’ll explain below why it’s actually awesome!)

Reason #2. Digital courses don’t cannibalize your main product or service. I used to be concerned that, if I created an online course, people would just buy it and stop hiring The Draw Shop to create their marketing videos.

To that, Amy said, “Think about it like this: you can cook very well — but you still go to restaurants. You can work out by yourself — but you still hire a trainer. Digital courses aren’t a substitute for your core offer, they’re totally different.”

With an online course, you can sell to a different subset of customers who wouldn’t normally buy your product or service. Or you can sell to the same customers who just happen to need something different. In fact, it’s not unusual for people to buy a course and later “upgrade” to your main offer anyway!

Reason #3. They’re easy and fun to create, even if you have zero tech skills (like me). You don’t need a big budget — or any budget, for that matter — fancy software, or video editing/web design/coding knowledge to put together a viable course.

There are tons of easy-to-use, free (or extremely low-cost) solutions for literally every aspect of designing your course:

  • Creating the graphics
  • Making slide decks
  • Recording videos
  • Hosting your course
  • Marketing
  • Interacting with your students
  • Accepting payments

And more. Even as someone who’s not tech-savvy at all, I quickly ran out of excuses as Amy patiently explained to me just how easy it is to get started!

So I did! Here’s what happened next…

From “I can’t do this!” to “This is SO fun!” — my course creation journey

Right now, I’m at the end of creating my first-ever digital course.

Me — a married business owner slash mother of four, who likes to get a workout every day and hasn’t given up on the idea of a social life (not completely, anyway). And yet, I’ve still managed to find the time to come up with a course idea, design all the modules and lessons, and create the content!

All thanks to Amy, who helped me realize I had something to teach, and have been holding myself back all this time.

Oh, and in case you’re curious to know what my course is about:

It will help The Draw Shop’s clients to craft brand messages that resonate and convert, no matter who their audience is: customers, employees, new hires, business partners… or heck, even romantic partners!

This course will teach the “secret sauce” behind The Draw Shop marketing — our foolproof process for getting people to say, “I get it! I’m in!” after watching our videos. That’s right: for the first time ever, I’ll be revealing this to our community!

But I’m not telling you this to brag — or to promote my course and The Draw Shop. I simply wanted to share this story with you, because you might be in the same position.

You’re a smart entrepreneur with something valuable to teach. Maybe you’re already teaching it, even, because people come to you for advice on a regular basis. But you could be doing so much more! Right now, you’re sitting on an opportunity to add a lot of revenue to your business — and change thousands of lives for the better… 

…yours most of all.

You have an online course inside you. Time to make it real!

Right now, you probably still have a lot of questions.

  • What kind of digital course should you create?
  • Who would you sell it to?
  • What’s the best way to market your online course?
  • How can you build it as quickly and efficiently as possible?

Luckily, Amy has just opened the door to a new, 100% free masterclass where she’s going to cover all of this and more!

Just choose the date and time that works best for you and reserve your free seat

At the masterclass, you will learn:

  • The HUGE mindset shift that all successful digital course creators will need to adopt.
  • The simplest, most effective recording strategy that dramatically cuts down on time and production costs, yet still delivers an amazing course that students are excited to pay for. 
  • The single MOST effective way to sell your online course and why you MUST know this right out of the gate to stay motivated through the entire course creation process. 
  • How simple this can be with a few real-life examples from course creators who were just like you a year or 2 ago.
  • And so much more… 

Whether this is your first attempt at creating and selling your blockbuster digital course, or your final straw, I’m confident that Amy can help you finally get it right.

Register here and banish your digital course fears!