If you don’t own an ecommerce business, you must be wondering if you should read any further.

The answer is yes, you absolutely should.

Because today we are bringing you perhaps the most actionable, practical episode of the Get Genius podcast yet! And we do not say that lightly.

This week’s interview is packed with insights you can apply to your business and life immediately, and enjoy massive breakthroughs fast. Each one in a game-changer, and they all work no matter what industry you’re in.

(Don’t take our word for it, though! Check out the show notes for a preview of everything you will learn.)

Today we are talking with Trey Lewellyn, who will reveal to you what it really takes to grow a business from scratch to seven figures… in your first year.

Trey started out in electrical engineering and computer science. Later, he worked as an insurance broker for several years, and became an entrepreneur back in 2012. Together with his brother, Trey founded an ecommerce company, and took it from nothing to…

  • Over $400,000 in monthly recurring revenue
  • An email list of over one million subscribers
  • Over 300,000 likes on Facebook

In fact, Trey was doing so well that it was a challenge to keep up with his business. His office was flooded with 15,000+ calls per day, the company was routinely 3-4 weeks behind on order fulfillment…

…and at one point UPS called him and asked for permission to park a 40-foot van in Trey’s lot, because “it would be easier than sending a van every day to pick up the orders.”

Trey has a wealth of first-hand knowledge not just about growing a business, but also dealing with the unexpected, sometimes gigantic challenges that come with rapid growth. And he will share all of it on the podcast today.


Then without further ado, enjoy this conversation with Trey Lewellen!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[02:14] Trey’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur

[08:10] Trey’s advice for finding time for yourself and family

[13:30] What Trey did to build his current business

[24:46] How to design your business for rapid growth: Trey’s rule of “if you multiply it by a thousand, will it break?”

[42:44] The M.T.O. (Minimum, Target, Outrageous) rule for setting goals in business and life

[48:56] How to understand your business potential and limitations using the 80/20 principle

[56:50] Trey’s secret to building loyalty that will leave your competitors in the dust (almost nobody does this)

[1:02:01] Where to download Trey’s best-performing funnel (check below for details)

Resources from Trey:

mronit.com/genius – Head over here to download Trey’s best-performing funnel. He invested over $100,000 to optimize it to perfection – and you can get it for free today.