Of all the myths and misconceptions about business, there’s one in particular that really grinds our gears.

It’s the myth of “the self-made man” (or woman).

Ugh, it’s annoying just to type it out. This is by far one of the most damaging, misleading, and just plain obnoxious beliefs about entrepreneurship. Here’s why…

Not a single successful person – in any area of life – was, is, or ever will be self-made.

All of them had help, from various sources. Parents who supported them. Mentors who gave them a shot even if they didn’t quite deserve one. First customers who took a chance on their brand-new companies. Partners who put up with their far-out ideas and relentless work ethic.

You name them – any of these key relationships had an impact, and helped those prosperous entrepreneurs to end up where they are today.

And it’s a little sad that many of these people buy wholesale into the idea that they are somehow “self-made,” and don’t stop to reflect on and appreciate the relationships that propelled them towards success.

Because if they did, then more budding entrepreneurs would realize that they can accomplish more – by investing in key personal and professional relationships in their lives.

And that’s exactly what we’re going to discuss on today’s episode of the Get Genius podcast!

Our guest this week is Jason Treu – leading expert on human behavior, daring leadership, and relationship-building.

Jason is a brilliant business and executive coach, and sales trainer. And the cornerstone of his philosophy is the understanding that your relationships are your true wealth. That everything we accomplish in life happens with, or through, other people.

He works with experts, entrepreneurs and executives to help them get unstuck and stand out by building key skill sets, creating their vision and purpose, and nurturing valuable relationships that impact the bottom line.

Jason is also the bestselling author of “Social Wealth” – a how-to-guide on building personal and professional relationships. It has sold more than 35,000 copies and has been #1 in four business and self-help categories.

This episode is not just about relationship-building, though. On the show, you will hear Summer and Jason talk about being creative as a business leader, improving your sales skills, boosting business performance by asking the right questions, and more.

And on that note, we’ll let Jason and Summer take it from here. Enjoy today’s interview!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Jason

[02:54] How Jason got into coaching and sales training

[09:40] Just how important are relationships for business?

[18:49] At what stage do clients reach out to Jason for help

[21:39] Different scenarios and challenges Jason helps clients with

[25:38] Jason’s personal sales training secrets

[28:30] Investing into relationships – what it means, and how to do it

[32:55] Why it’s important to be creative as a leader

[37:20] How to improve business performance by asking questions

[42:51] Where to find out more about Jason

Resources from Jason:

Jason’s TED Talk: “How to get coworkers to like each other”

Jason’s Website

Cards Against Mundanity

Jason’s book, “Social Wealth: How to Build Extraordinary Relationships By Transforming the Way We Live, Love, Lead and Network” – grab it on Amazon