There are many, many different definitions of leadership. Annoyingly so.

When you’re an entrepreneur who’s trying to become a better leader, sifting through a billion vague interpretations of leadership is…

Let’s just say that it gets really old, really fast!

(You think so, too? Great – then it’s not just us!)

Thankfully, we’ve already found our favorite definition of leadership. It comes from this week’s guest on the Get Genius podcast – Hans Finzel.

He defines leadership simply as influence.

Whenever you move anybody to action – whether by inspiring them, empathizing with them, persuading them, negotiating with them, or simply ordering them to do something – that’s leadership.

One reason we like this definition is, it’s simple, yet so meaningful.

And the other reason is, it doesn’t shy away from recognizing that leadership comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes – and not all of them are “good.”

Just like influence can be positive or negative, leadership can be kind, constructive, and compassionate… or toxic, heavy-handed, and uncaring. In fact, many visionary leaders were notoriously horrible bosses – even though they still got the job done.

So when you look at these two “flavors” of leadership, it’s tempting to equivocate that they both work, and leave it at that.

But it takes a special kind of Genius to choose the kinder, more compassionate way of being a leader, practice it, study it – and teach it to others. Which is exactly what Hans Finzel is doing, and why we wanted to get him on the podcast to discuss leadership!

Here’s what you want to know about him:

Hans is a successful author, speaker, and teacher. As the President of HDLeaders, he has spent decades training leaders on five continents.

Hans has experienced the profound challenges of leadership first-hand, too. He has served as President and CEO of international non-profit WorldVenture (Littleton, CO), with a staff of 650 workers in 70 countries worldwide.

Hans has earned a doctorate in the field of leadership. He wrote ten books on the subject, including his bestseller, “The Top Ten Mistakes Leaders Make” and his newest release – “Launch Your Encore.” His books have been translated into more than twenty languages.

Hans shapes how other leaders think and act, which makes him a leader among leaders – and one of the best people to show you how to get better at influencing others.

In this interview, he will talk about different mistakes leaders make, how to be smarter about delegating tasks, the importance of emotional intelligence, and more. Please enjoy this conversation with Hans Finzel!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Hans

[03:16] How Hans defines leadership

[03:58] Hans’s background and how he became passionate about leadership

[05:50] The leadership mistakes Hans has made and how he learned from them

[07:53] How to get better at delegating tasks to others

[10:18] What not to do when you’re trying to delegate your workload

[14:35] How Hans helps people improve their emotional intelligence (and why it matters)

[16:38] Who does Hans look up to as leadership role models?

[20:18] The key qualities people look for in a leader

[25:22] Hans’ tips on hiring the right people

[29:09] The Leadership Commandments

[33:00] Where you can find out more about Hans

Resources from Hans:

Hans’ Wesbsite

Hans’ Youtube Channel