Have you seen this? The guy, who happens to be your good friend, who just doesn’t have the skills when it comes to girls.  He gets sweaty, starts shaking and loses all confidence when put in social situations with the opposite sex.  He’s a great guy, but doesn’t know how to talk with women. It’s kind of fun for his friends because it’s a guaranteed night of laughs when he’s shooting off one liners with no response expect the “get lost” kind.

We have this friend and despite efforts to be wing man (or wing woman), we all feel bad because we know he’s got all these really great attractive qualities – he just has no clue how to use them to connect with a girl. The night always ends in one friend or another trying to build him up.

Interestingly enough, it wasn’t long after one of those talks I had with that friend that we started working with a client, who proves to be BOSS in this realm. The Art of Charm Academy, an actual charm school for guys.  The dating Gods were listening and dropped this resource right in my lap. Clearly, I was stoked to be making a video that could solve a huge problem for a lot of guys, especially my friend. As soon it was done, I forwarded the video to him in an email and in a private message on Facebook.  He actually watched it, cruised around YouTube looking at the testimonials and visited their website. It wasn’t long (at all) before I saw a complete shift in him.

The beauty of explainer videos…getting life-changing info in less than 3 minutes. That’s faster than the conversation I’ve been having with him for years!

In less than 3 minutes, this explainer video spoon-fed him the info he needed to make a change. And needless to say, when it feels right, you can’t help but share it.

Our friend saw himself in this story and he was hooked. It created a call to action for him and he got results. I mean, does it get better than that?