Home landing pages have become standard practice for most businesses by now — and for good reason! 

If you want as many people as possible to see your offer, showcasing it on your most-visited page will absolutely do the job. However, this alone won’t increase conversions for your business. 

You still need to present your product or service in a clear and compelling way that aligns with your customers’ pain points, needs, and ultimate goals. And today, I’m going to show you how to do just that! 

In this article, I will share with you 5 essential elements that will help you boost conversions on your home landing page, so you can convert more leads into prospects, and prospects into paying customers (or clients!).

You will learn:

  • How to market to multiple customer personas successfully — without diluting your message so much that it becomes too generic to persuade anyone.
  • The #1 technique you can use to differentiate your offer from the competition, even if it’s not the most cutting-edge product / service out there.
  • Why you need to persuade potential customers not just by giving them a reason to say yes… but also taking away their reasons to say no (and how to do it).
  • How to make your offer and your brand look more influential and credible to your target audience.

And more! Let’s get started…

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1. Marketing to multiple audiences? Rethink your landing page!

If your business serves multiple groups of customers with different needs, goals, and priorities, then you might think that a unified home landing page won’t work for you.

And that’s partially true!

Creating a catch-all landing page that tries to address multiple audiences at the same time usually results in a vague, unfocused message that converts poorly (if at all)… 

…but there is a way to do it effectively. Here’s how: 

Treat your home landing page as a “hub area,” where different website visitors can arrive — and immediately move on to whichever offer is most relevant to them. Kind of like a choose-your-own-adventure book!

At a high level, the process looks like this:

  1. Customers of all kinds end up on your home landing page.
  2. They see multiple sections, each targeting a different audience with its own message and call to action.
  3. Customers pick the section that fits their identity, needs, and goals best, and click the CTA.
  4. This leads them to another landing page — customized to their exact situation and showing the most fitting offer.

That way, you can communicate with different customer groups without leaving anyone out, or diluting your messaging. Simple! 

One of my favorite examples of this technique in action is the home landing page of Khan Academy.

Notice how it clearly and confidently communicates to not one, not two, but four different audiences: learners, teachers, school district managers, and parents. Each category gets served a custom CTA that directs them to another, tailor-made landing page. That’s highly sophisticated marketing right there!


2. Showcase an overview of your unique process

Pop quiz:

How is your product or service different or unique compared to everything else on the market?

This is a crucial question that your customers are bound to be thinking about — especially if you sell something sophisticated, innovative, or both.

Showing your leads how your offer works, even at the most basic level, is an essential stepping stone of the way to conversion. After all, you can’t expect people to commit to a product or service sight unseen!

Before they can take the leap, your customers need to understand how your product or service works its magic.

That’s why you want to add a section that demonstrates your unique process to your home landing page. Name it something like “Our Process” or “How it works” — and outline the steps at a high level.

Even if your process isn’t new or groundbreaking, there are many reasons to showcase it. For example, you can:

  • Demonstrate how easy it is to use — e.g. like we do on The Draw Shop’s home page. In our increasingly complicated world, simplicity and ease of use can be amazing selling points all on their own! 
  • Show how effective and comprehensive it is. Detailing all the steps in advance helps to prove that you know what you’re talking about.
  • Differentiate your offer from the competition, even when they do something similar. By digging down into the details, you have more opportunities to stand out and impress your target audience.


3. Address objections and concerns in subheadlines and copy

Converting website visitors isn’t just about giving them a compelling reason to say yes to your offer… it’s also about removing possible reasons to say no!

That’s what makes objection handling so important for marketing.

As customers examine your offer, free or paid, they will probably think of questions and concerns. “Will this work for my industry?” “Do I need a credit card to join the free trial?” “Is this legit?” — and so on.

Make sure your home landing page addresses and counters the most common objections your audience might have. For example…

Let’s say that you have a SaaS business, and your home landing page offers a free trial. You can add a few strategic elements to the copy designed to give confidence and peace of mind to leads, such as:

  • Some microcopy next to the call to action that says, “No credit card required. Cancel anytime.”
  • A headline that says, “Try [Product Name] free for 14 days — on us,” and a subheadline saying, “You’ll have access to the same features as the paid plan, to help you decide if [Product Name] is right for you.”
  • Short tidbits in the body copy that reassure your leads, e.g. “[Product Name] lets you add or modify content on your website without the need for a developer.” 

Addressing potential objections head-on shows your target customers that you’ve already thought about their concerns and problems, and took steps to resolve them. It’s a massively effective technique for building trust… and boosting conversions!


4. Leverage trust signals: social proof, testimonials, and more

Fact: customers trust the opinions of other people like them. And even the most creative marketing copy you could write pales in comparison with honest feedback from real buyers.

That’s why word of mouth remains the most effective marketing channel out there — even in the digital age. And that’s why testimonials from past and existing customers are some of the most impactful elements you could add to your home landing page.

Actually, they don’t even have to be testimonials! There are all sorts of social proof signals you could use, such as:

  • If you’ve worked with any big-name brands, then make sure to include their logos on your page.
  • Ever been featured on influential blogs or media outlets? You can use those to add credibility to your brand, too.
  • You could also display some big-picture metrics about how many people / businesses have used your products or services.
  • And yes, let’s not forget the humble yet indispensable testimonial. Pick 3-5 choice testimonials from your best customers and feature them on your home landing page.

Social proof lets you “borrow” authority from outside sources, and use it to enhance your own… and it works like magic. If you want to increase conversions on your home landing page, don’t neglect this technique — it doesn’t get any easier or more effective!


5. Enhance your home landing page with an explainer video

Adding video to your home landing page is hands down the most impactful change you could make to increase conversions. Here’s why:

If you have a sophisticated offer, whether it’s free or paid, it can be daunting to showcase it in a compelling way — and fast — if all you have to work with is text and static visuals.

A 2-3 minute explainer video breaking down what your product or service does, and how it can benefit customers, will help you:

  • Attract and sustain the attention of potential customers who prefer video over text — which is more than half of all consumers!
  • Convey your offer with a lot more clarity and in a fraction of the time, so you can get your message across before people bounce off the page.
  • Ensure that your leads remember your offer longer, thanks to a combination of visuals and audio — which will increase the odds that your leads will come back when they’re ready.
  • Boost conversions directly, thanks to the fact that video is more engaging and persuasive as a format (here’s some research collected by Instapage showing just that!).

And if you want to enhance your home landing page with a high-converting marketing video, my team and I would love to help.

Over the years, we’ve created hundreds of explainer videos for brands across dozens of industries. Education, biotech, manufacturing, finance, coaching, real estate, petroleum, pest control – you name it, we’ve done it!

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  • Live action
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