Nathalie Doobin has had a great year!

The New York-based entrepreneur was recently named The 2013 Enterprising Woman of the Year by Enterprising Women magazine – and her flourishing building services company, Harvard Services Group, was recently awarded a 2012 Image Award for Best Company Website.

The website award, which is handed out by Building Services Contractors Association International each year, recognizes companies whose marketing “furthers the reputation of the building service contractor industry as a whole.”

Doobin, CEO of Harvard Service Group, credits the site’s success to the whiteboard video we created for her company at The Draw Shop last year.

Here’s what she had to say:

“We believe it has a lot to do with our Draw Shop video! As an FYI, there are over 50,000 Service Contractor companies in the US… that’s a lot of websites that can win this award! In an industry where the subject is fairly ‘dry,’ we believe The Drawshop video helps get our unique selling point across.”


How Video Helps You Get Your Message Out

When Harvard Services Group first approached us to create a video for them, the biggest marketing challenges they were facing were:

  1. HUGE COMPETITION: With 50,000 competing websites, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Harvard Services Group wanted to make sure their website got noticed.
  2. DRY SUBJECT MATTER: Building services contractors provide valuable services that offer huge benefits their clients but don’t make for exciting reading. Harvard Services Group wanted a way to get their message across in a way that was fresh and engaging.
  3. FORGETTABLE USP (Unique Selling Point): Harvard Services Group wanted to make sure their core benefit is communicated in a way that engages people and sticks in their minds.

We worked closely with the company to understand the value they offer to their clients and what makes them different from their competitors. Then we created a video that highlights all the incredible things that make the company special.

For example: they’re the only woman-owned certified business services company in the Tri-State Area and place huge importance on employee diversity, upward mobility within the company, and green and sustainable programs, products, and processes. Yep, a cool company!

We are so glad to know Nathalie and the Harvard Services Group and are honored to have helped them win the award and achieve recognition for their company!