Whiteboard videos for websites can skyrocket your online conversions… when done right.

Whether it’s making your landing page 80% more effective or adding multiple six figures to your annual revenue – all of which is possible, and all of which we’ll discuss! – there are certain steps you want to follow.

In this week’s article, we will give you a simple 4-step process for creating high-converting whiteboard videos for websites.

So strap in, and let’s do this thing!

Step 1. Determine your goal

First of all, you want to ask yourself, “Why do I need this whiteboard video? What should it do?”

And normally we would encourage you to ponder and strategize about your goals… but now is not the time! We’re going to pick your goal for you. Because when it comes to whiteboard videos for websites, there’s only one objective that matters:


If your website video doesn’t help you convert visitors, it’s not doing its job! End of story.

Now, as far as the actual type of conversions you’re after, feel free to choose what fits your marketing strategy best. Here are a just a few options to consider:

  1. New opt-ins to your email list
  2. Free consultation requests
  3. Free trial signups
  4. On-site purchases

And so on.

If you have an established sales funnel, you want to prioritize the kind of conversion that will get prospects into it. For most brands this will mean collecting email addresses, or getting queries for free quotes and consultations.

Now that you’ve determined what your video is supposed to do, it’s time to find out where it will make the biggest impact…

Step 2. Find a loving home for your whiteboard video

Just like you wouldn’t buy a piece of furniture without deciding where you want it, you should make a whiteboard video for your website without thinking where you’ll put it.

Fortunately, we can make this choice for you as well!

Here are the best pages to host your website whiteboard video, in descending order:

  1. Your homepage – if you don’t have a homepage video, you should create one. Of all the businesses that use one, 83% say that it’s effective. And one of our clients even generated an additional $250,000 in annual revenue – in just 45 days – using a homepage video! You can read about it here.
  2. A targeted landing page – this is where whiteboard videos for websites really shine. The only purpose of a landing page is to convert visitors. Adding a whiteboard and cartoon animation video to it can boost your conversion rate by as much as 80%!
  3. Your About page – as the 2nd most-visited page on most websites, it’s a great candidate for hosting a whiteboard video. You can tell the story of your brand, or talk about your product, or highlight your USP, or do any number of impressive things with it. Just don’t forget to give your visitors something to do as the next step – e.g. contact you, or opt into your email list!

You want to prioritize these locations for a website video in this exact order. So, if you don’t have a homepage video, create one. Then, consider making a whiteboard video for your primary landing page. And once that has been taken care of, give your About page some love!

Note: If you’ve got all three of these covered (you beautiful marketing nerd, you!) there are other places on your website that could use a persuasive video: your Contact page, your FAQ page, your Careers page, and others.

Next, we’ll move on to the actual video creation… excited yet?


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Step 3. Create the video

It’s time to make your video!

Depending on how you choose to approach this task, it might be the smoother project you’ve ever done – or the most frustrating, expensive, and time-sucking ordeal you’ve ever been through. No pressure.

When it comes to making whiteboard videos for websites, wou have 3 options:

  1. Doing it in-house. You can cobble together a video using free whiteboard software and some bored employees. It would be cheap, but result in a horrendous video. Or you can assemble a dedicated project team of professionals – meaning a lot of time, expensive labor hours, and a nice-looking end result. Probably.
  2. Outsourcing. Hire contractors for different parts of the production process, and have someone on your team supervise and coordinate them. This is especially awesome if you want to take revenge on one of your project managers for something! There are a lot of bad, expensive contractors – and many good, affordable contractors, so it’s tough to predict how long your project will take, how much it will cost, and what the end result might look like.
  3. Hiring a full-service agency. This is kind of like outsourcing, minus the headaches and the uncertainty. You’ll have a single point of contact, your team won’t have to do anything except specify what needs to be done and give feedback, and many agencies have their own standards of quality. (For example, we hand-pick each copywriter, artist, and voice actor – and vet them seven ways to Sunday before giving them any projects!) The downside? Expect to invest a significant amount of money.

If you want to know more about the costs, advantages and disadvantages of each scenario, we break them down for you in this article.

Note: whichever of these options you go with, having a decent video script will make the process ten times easier for everyone involved. Or so our long-suffering, award-winning copywriters tell us.

You should write one – it’s fun! In this short guide, we walk you through a simple but effective script for a high-converting video that runs under 2 minutes. Check it out!

Step 4. Redesign your page accordingly

Remember: whiteboard videos for websites are not a magic bullet! Your newly-minted video will only convert as well as you let it.

Here’s what we mean by this:

One of the biggest reasons well-made video content fails to convert is… everything around it. Context is important. Put an amazing whiteboard video on a fast-loading page carefully optimized for conversions, with no distractions – and your conversion rates won’t disappoint.

But take the same video and put it on a page that takes forever to load, make it compete for attention with lots of visual clutter, and make it as counter-intuitive as possible to follow the call to action… and you’ll get horrible conversion rates.

It won’t be the video’s fault, though!

Your website video is the element you want each visitor to pay close attention to. So, at a minimum, you want to make sure that:

  • The page and the video itself load fast (both Google and your customers love speed)
  • The playback is smooth from start to finish, with no pauses and stutters
  • Your video is displayed prominently – above the fold, with no clutter around it
  • The call to action is stupidly obvious, clear, and aligns with what the video says
  • Following the call to action does what it’s supposed to, with no bugs
  • There are no distractions that would make your viewers quit

Granted, ticking all these boxes is a bit of a pain in the butt – but if you commit to doing these every time, your whiteboard videos for websites will perform so much better!

Your high-converting whiteboard videos for websites are a click away

If you’ve never done it before, making a marketing video that converts is a grueling process – with no guarantee of results.

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