Right now, advertising is harder than ever. We live in an age of savvy and skeptical customers, who are exposed to an average of 300-700 marketing messages every day.

To make matters worse, consumers have the means to cut your message short at any time: changing channels and stations, driving or walking past billboards, leaving the page, scrolling past the ad, using ad-blocking software. Forget about taking action – how do you even make those handsome devils check out your ad?


If you’re relying on whiteboard videos for advertising content, these tips will help you craft a ridiculously persuasive ad with minimum effort. Let’s dive in:

Be concise

If your advert can run for 90 seconds to 2 minutes, you stand the best chance of being heard. Not every consumer will be exposed to your message in all its uninterrupted glory, but still. Moderate length helps your video to be viewed completely.

10-minute explainers have their place, but sure as hell not in advertising.

Focus on specific deliverables

Consumers don’t connect to pointless, flowery language. They don’t want to hear about “accelerating weight loss,” they need to hear “our product will trim 2 inches off your waist in 2 months.” Which do you think sounds more compelling?

Phrases like “learn to manage your wealth” or “boost customer engagement” likely mean nothing to your target customers. Find a specific thing they need to improve, and let them know you can do it. Then, tell them by how much and how long it will take.

Have a clear and easy-to-follow CTA (Call to Action)

Once you’ve watched a whiteboard video, what is easier: type in a URL without leaving your browser, or go pick up a phone and dial a number? The nature of your call to action is very important – it has to be as frictionless as possible, so people go to the trouble of following it.

For an online video, an email or URL work best. If you’re fancy and use tools like Wistia, you can go one step beyond and have people type directly in the video window. And if your video ad runs on a third-party site, the best call to action is asking people to click through to your website.

Depending on who you ask, video ads are either a Holy Grail of marketing, or a waste of time. If you want yours to perform better, use these 3 tips above. If you implement them, your whiteboard video ads will convert better, and hapless marketers everywhere will be jealous of how savvy you are. Enjoy!