To be good at marketing, you want to study the best. Household names. Industry legends. Hall of famers.

But to become truly great at marketing, you need to look outside the world of business.

Study the lives of famous people who changed the world. Read fiction and non-fiction. Watch the best stand-up comedians and see how they captivate an audience. Listen to interviews with designers, artists, game developers – anyone who tells stories for a living.

It’s amazing how much you can learn from fields that have nothing to do with business and marketing – and adapt their ideas to your brand.

But who’s got time for that, right?

Well, bear with us, and maybe we can convince you! Because this week on the Get Genius podcast, we are interviewing someone who has built his entire career by combining ideas from different fields, thinking outside the box, and being relentlessly creative.

Our guest today is Seth Weinstein – a Genius-level branding expert, innovative thinker, and passionate adventurer.

Seth grew up with a professional stand-up comedian father and a teacher mother. From them, he inherited a thirst for knowledge and a wicked sense of humor that serve him well to this day.

Seth understands branding in a way few others in the marketing world do. He believes that any business, no matter how “boring,” has the potential to become fascinating.

Through a combination of strategy, design, and development, Seth helps his clients to discover what the best version of their company might look like… and bring it to life!

Building the perfect brand presence is hard. But it will reward you with loyal customers, faster growth – and that hard-to-quantify, priceless feeling that comes with making a positive impact on people’s lives.

This kind of profound, complex transformation is Seth’s bread and butter. And this week, he will share his hard-won insights about branding, marketing, and business on the show.

(And, for the fellow nerds in the audience – we even geek out about video games! Briefly.)

Now we’ll let Seth and Summer take it away. Enjoy!

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Here’s what you will learn:

[00:15] Introducing Seth

[03:40] Seth’s background in branding

[07:40] How does your branding reflect on your product or service?

[10:29] Seth’s advice on choosing a branding agency – and “red flags” to watch out for

[13:00] How Seth helps companies get to the heart of their brand essence

[17:40] Seth’s advice for reconnecting with your audience

[20:35] Telltale signs that your social media page is successful

[25:28] What Seth learned about design and storytelling from video games

[28:04] Here’s how Seth manages his team to achieve consistently awesome performance

[30:53] How often Seth sees businesses that miss out on golden opportunities (hint: too often)

[43:45] Where you can learn more about Seth

Resources from Seth:

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