new years goalsDefining a goal isn’t just part of the process of creating a great marketing video — it’s more like the whole chimichanga.

Why? Because different types of videos are designed to do different things.

Let’s talk about some of the more common uses of marketing videos, and the best ways to structure each one based on your target objective.

Explainer videos

These are best used for new technologies, new ways of doing business, or any fresh idea that people aren’t used to. The purpose here is to take something unfamiliar, and make the viewer feel like they instantly get it. Remember, the confused mind doesn’t buy — so you want to spend enough time explaining to give people that “aha!” moment they need in order to make a purchase, or even take a free trial of something that’s new and different.

Lead generation videos

If you’re trying to collect email addresses, you can and should leave out most of the details involved in an explainer video. That’s because you’re looking for a much smaller commitment than a purchase; giving up an email addy doesn’t require nearly as much thought as actually buying something. And, the best way to generate leads with a marketing video is to entice viewers to sign up for a free download, like a white paper or webinar…in that case, you want to use curiosity to your advantage, and not explain too much so that they can’t help but sign up in order to find out more.

Sales videos

For sales videos, you’re generally looking at a video that’s going to be longer than both lead generation or explainer videos. That’s because they require the biggest commitment of the bunch — so you’ll need to do some convincing through a persuasive video. In addition to highlighting your product’s benefits and features, you also want to overcome any objections you might encounter. You need to get those out of the way proactively, otherwise they’ll linger in the prospect’s mind and she won’t make a purchase.