ProblemThe most crucial part of your video is often the hardest to write…

The beginning.

If you don’t nail it, your viewers won’t bother to see what comes next. Should you start with an exciting story? A compelling question? Amazing benefits? Actually…

None of the above.

Your video can be loaded with engaging components—creative ideas, cool imagery, plot-lines that are powerful and compelling. You can entertain, inform, instruct, explain, solve, and add funky graphic art.

But none of those things are the recipe. They KEEP viewers watching, but won’t GRAB them in. Viewers have limited focus, loads of distraction, and zero attention span.

They’re saturated with TV, video games, apps, YouTube, plenty of excitement. You’re competing with the entire digital world. A joke or story won’t cut it. It needs to be PERSONAL. It needs to be…

A problem.

Deep down, we all want someone to solve our problems. Answer our prayers. Cure our woes. It can be more money, an easier life, a reliable car, help with kids, or perhaps a convenient way to watch movies on the go.

Problems weigh on our minds. They stress us out. We NEED a solution now, and if offered even the hint of one, we perk up. We get excited. And pay attention.

At your video’s beginning, many viewers have their mouse hovering over “X”, waiting for you to give them a reason not to click away.

You’ve got three seconds to persuade them to stick around. If they’re really attentive, five.

A cute talking bunny won’t do the trick. Neither will dramatic music. Too generic and impersonal.

But if you nail their source of stress, tell them why they hate their boss, and offer them to switch careers, or become independent, guess what? They WILL stick around. You can relate to them, and give them what they want badly…a SOLUTION. A silver lining. A light at the end of the…well, you know the metaphor.

State the problem, and you’ve grabbed them. They WANT to hear the rest. You’ve gone from being a total stranger, to having a close personal conversation.

Now the ball is in your court. Engage them with a script that’s clear, entertaining, informative and fun, with funky characters and cool imagery…and your message WILL resonate.

You’ve shown them you are not just some faceless company.

You’re a problem solver.