It’s not enough for your marketing video to look good, or even great.

That’s only half the battle – and the less important half at that!

Your video content also needs to be short and effective. It needs to convert – and do it quickly.

Otherwise why would you invest so much time, money, and effort into video marketing?

That’s why, in this week’s article we’ll show you how to make an animation video that converts – and runs under two minutes!

We’ll focus mostly on scripting, and here’s why: your script is the foundation of the video. Everything else, like your style and production choices, allow some room for error… But if your script is bad, nothing else matters (just like that Metallica song says)!

In the next little while, we will walk you through creating a tight, persuasive 2-minute video script, step by step – and give you several options for what to do next.

But first, let’s talk strategy…

Step 1. Do your homework – and lay the groundwork

Before you write a single word of your animation video, you will want to answer three essential questions:

  1. Who is the target market for this video? Which stage of the customer journey are they in? How much do you know about them?
  2. Why should these people care about your video? What’s in it for them? And if they do care, is the topic of your video high enough on their list of concerns?
  3. What do you want your viewers to do once they watch your animation video? How do you want them to remember it?

Answering these three questions will give you enough information to move forward with the script… or it will expose weak links in your thinking, and urge you to reconsider some of the assumptions you hold about your target market. Either outcome is useful!

When in doubt, you can always do customer research, or sit down with your intended audience and pick their brain. This planning phase is crucial – but don’t succumb to “paralysis by analysis!” Once you have enough actionable intelligence, move on to your script.

Step 2. Write the script

Let’s say that you decided to outsource the creation of your animation video to a third party. Do you still need a script?

We’d argue – yes, you do! Even if you end up hiring someone to do an animation video for you start to finish (like us), having a script will make the production process much easier.

It doesn’t even have to be amazing – just good enough to convey the gist of your marketing message. In fact, let us walk you through writing a simple animation video script right here!

The basic formula goes like this…

  1. A character has a problem
  2. Your product offers a solution
  3. Address concerns and objections
  4. And here’s what to do next!

For example, let’s say that you sell amazing memory foam pillows, and your target market is upper middle-class people who have trouble sleeping? Note that we’re generalizing here – for the purposes of this fake example, this general description will do. But for your actual product you want to go much more granular.

Anyway: how do you make an animation video for a product like that? Remember: it has to be under 2 minutes and focused on getting conversions.

Well, let’s follow the formula and see where it leads us.

  1. A character with a problem

Every morning, Sheila wakes up feeling like she slept on a pile of rocks. Her neck hurts, her upper back is sore, and she’s falling asleep on her feet!

And no wonder – at night, Sheila’s pillow becomes flatter than the Nevada desert. This causes her head to drop, bending her spine. She even started snoring – so her hubby isn’t happy either!

Desperate to fix her sleep for good, Sheila got online and searched for “morning neck pain”…

How it works:

Note how we’re approaching this part of the script:

  • We use visual language to make the script easier to animate when the time comes.
  • We go into lots of little details and make the story emotional – viewers need to relate to Sheila’s plight!
  • We transition from problem to solution in a way that feels natural and leads seamlessly into the second part of the script…
  1. Your product offers a solution

That’s how she discovered CloudNap!

CloudNap is the most advanced memory foam pillow on the market. It forms a snug fit around your head and maintains your relaxed sleep position all night long. That way, your spine has all the support it needs for a good night’s sleep.

After just one night with the CloudNap pillow, Sheila feels like a new woman. No more neck pain in the morning – and goodbye, snoring! Why, she practically jumps out of bed, ready to take on the day!

How it works:

We emphasize several things here:

  • We lead with the USP of “the most advanced memory foam pillow.” Find what makes your product or service unique and brag about it.
  • We explain how the product works. Even in broad strokes, it helps to establish credibility and provide proof.
  • Finally, we describe the benefits. Not just the low-level benefits like having no neck pain, but the high-level ones of feeling like a changed person and having more energy.


Did you know your marketing video needs 10 essential elements to be high-converting? We have developed a neat checklist you can use to fail-proof all your video content before you release them to the world. Click the link right below to grab it:


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  1. Address concerns and objections

CloudNap meets the CertiPUR-US standards for health and safety. It’s also hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. It will last Sheila at least 5 years – or 1,826 nights of sleeping like a baby!

Do you want to wake up rested and pain-free? Then try CloudNap for 30 days. If it doesn’t improve your sleep, we’ll happily give you a full refund!

How it works:

At this point in your animations video, viewers might be having second thoughts. That’s why we identified the most common objections and concerns they might have and tried to tackle them head-on in this part of the script.

Also: if your product or service comes with a guarantee, that’s the place to state it!

  1. And here’s what to do next!

Visit [website URL] to learn more about our award-winning pillows or place an order if you’re sick of waking up sore and tired. Use the special code “ANGEL” at checkout for 20% off!

How it works:

You want your call to action to be detailed and extremely straightforward at the same time. Your viewers need to know exactly what to do as the next step… but it can’t be a complicated action or a huge commitment.

In this case, visiting a website is a small and transparent ask – while the rest of the call to action is framed as optional. As a bonus, we threw in a discount code to serve as an additional incentive for people!

Key takeaways:

Here at The Draw Shop, we use the formula of “150 words = 1 minute” to calculate the length of our animation videos. At 260 words, this mock script is well under two minutes – but it conveys everything the viewers need to know:

  • What the offer is
  • What kind of problem it solves
  • How it works
  • Why it’s better than the alternatives
  • How to get it

Now what? We’re glad you asked…

Step 3. Decide what comes next

So – you finally have a script for a high-converting animation video. Congratulations! But it’s just a bunch of words on the screen. You’re still a long way away from the finished product.

What do you do now?

How to do an animation video is entirely up to you. Usually you have two choices:

  • Do it yourself – in-house, with the talent and the resources you have available


  • Outsource – hire several contractors or a full-service agency to fulfill your vision

Both options have their own advantages and drawbacks. For example:

Doing it in-house will give you full creative control over the process… But if your team doesn’t know how to make an animation video, your production values won’t be be stellar. Plus, the time you spend creating a marketing video in-house is the time you could have invested into another, more important, project.

And outsourcing your animation video, while extremely common, can be both unreliable in terms of quality and wildly expensive. Contractors vary wildly in terms of their skill level and pricing: from hidden gems doing A+ work for a reasonable fee, to abysmal and overpriced hacks. As for agencies, many of them talk a big game, but fall far short of their lofty promises in practice.

If you’re interested in knowing more about how to do an animation video, we’ve covered all the options extensively in this article. Read it, and you’ll be able to decide what works best for you.

Also, our metaphorical door is always open if you want to discuss your animation video ideas with us! Here’s how you can pick our brains…

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