Tried-and-true marketing wisdom says that content is king – and we absolutely agree.

But here’s the problem – the Internet is becoming royally crowded with great content (pun absolutely intended).

Video marketing remains an excellent way to stand out and promote your brand effectively…

…but it won’t stand out nearly as much come 2018, when 79% of all online traffic is going to come from video.

The solution for your company is, continue to invest in top-quality video content – but make the effort to make it easier to discover and consume.

First and foremost, this means integrating your SEO and your video marketing efforts. When your videos can be easily found by search engines, you will see tangible improvements in conversions and ROI as a result.

For practical tips on how to make your videos best friends with search engines, check out the infographic below – courtesy of Take1 Transcription (posted with permission).

Based on 10+ studies of video marketing, it contains some amazing statistics you will find useful for planning your marketing strategy – as well as immediate, actionable tips for attracting viewers to your content.

The infographic speaks for itself, so we’ll just let you study it. Enjoy!

how to make your videos seo friendly