“How can I get started with explainer video marketing?”

If we had a dollar every time we heard this question… let’s just say that Forbes would have to make adjustments to their “richest people” list!

And it’s a good question. There are so many things you could do with explainer videos that it’s tough to give a helpful answer…

Which is why we have to try.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways to do explainer video marketing, no matter what industry you’re in. To make sure we can give you some good advice, we came up with a list of 4 core challenges every single business has to face. And then, we listed 2-3 strategies to help you solve those challenges with explainer videos.

Let’s dive in!

1. Attracting high-quality website visitors

Your customers are out there. Thousands, millions of them! The problem is, for every qualified buyer of your product or service there’s a hundred Internet randos who have zero interest in your offer.

You can use explainer video marketing to draw the right people to your website – and keep the wrong ones far, far away!

How? Implement these two tactics:

  • Create an entertaining and educational explainer video that teaches people something useful, then points them in your direction. Note that your video doesn’t have to be about something 100% related to what you sell – but the topic has to be interesting to your potential customers. For example, one of the things Copyblogger uses for explainer video marketing is these short clips that explain key content marketing terms.
  • Run an explainer video ad promoting your product or service, and send viewers to your website with a compelling call to action. Keep in mind, though: just like any paid traffic strategy, it will only work if you invest some time and effort into really good targeting. Remember: it’s not about getting as much traffic as possible – it’s about getting as much qualified traffic as possible!

By the way: if you want to learn more about paid traffic from a certified advertising Genius, check out this podcast interview with Nicholas Kusmich.

Now you have website visitors coming in – so exciting, right?! But your work is just beginning…

2. Turning visitors into leads

The trouble with website visitors, even qualified ones, is that around 98% of them leave and never come back. So let’s do something about it!

Now, chances are, you’re already doing something about it. You have well-written landing pages, a well-designed blog with valuable content, maybe even an exit-intent pop-up or a prominently visible homepage opt-in. And those are all great!

But even with all this, you’re probably losing 90-95 new visitors out of 100. Explainer video marketing can help you retain more visitors and turn them into high-quality leads. Here’s how:

  • Invest in a compelling homepage explainer video. This is the most obvious and commonly used solution, and for good reason – it works! A great homepage explainer video keeps people on your website longer, and boosts your chances to convert them by 20%. What’s not to love? Here’s a great example from Grammarly. Their video is minimalist (it doesn’t even have sound), extremely unobtrusive (it blends seamlessly with the design) – and yet, it’s super-compelling.
  • Run a simple retargeting campaign using an explainer video as the ad. It’s much easier to bring back visitors who left than trying to compensate by attracting new ones. They’ve already visited your website, so all you have to do is remind them, “Hey, we still exist, and we’re ready to help!” – and nudge them to return.

Doing just these two things will significantly boost your lead generation, which in turn will help you land more customers!

Speaking of…

Want to create high-converting explainer videos – consistently? You’re in luck! We have developed a neat checklist you can use to fail-proof all your video marketing content before you release it to the world. Click the link right below to grab it:

Download the free checklist: “10 Things Every Marketing Video Must Have to Convert”

3. Converting leads into customers

When it comes to persuading prospects to pull the trigger and buy from you, explainer video marketing is king.

It can show off your product or service in action (which is critical for proving it works), solve objections and concerns that might otherwise ruin the sale… and even if they don’t buy right after viewing it, the video will “plant the seed” in your prospect’s mind for weeks to come!

There are several types of explainer videos you can use to increase sales. Like these two:

  • A video overview/demo of your product or service. You created something awesome, something that will help people. So show it off! Flaunt what your imagination and your hardworking team gave you (is this how that saying goes?)! Create your explainer video demo and put it on your main landing page. Here’s a great example of an extremely straightforward, basic, yet high-converting demo from Mailshake.
  • A USP-focused explainer video that differentiates your product or service from the competition. These work well in crowded industries – because the main question your prospects are going to ask is, “How are you better than [your competitor whose product is mediocre compared to yours]?” And when they do, you’d better have a great answer!

So, once your potential customers finally take the leap and buy from you, that means your work here is done… right?

Well, not quite. There’s something else you can do…

4. Making one-off buyers into lifelong customers

As important as new buyers are, it’s your long-time customers who are the lifeblood of your business.

The thing is, most of your first-time customers won’t magically become loyal fans of your products and services for life. Not without good reasons, anyway. So you want to invest a fair chunk of your explainer video marketing efforts into persuading new customers to stick around and buy from you again. And again. And again!

There are several great ways you can do this:

  • For starters, don’t neglect onboarding videos. Onboarding is what happens when a new customer gets to know your product or service for the first time. This process can be hard and frustrating – or smooth as oil. Three guesses as to which one you want! A great onboarding video will help reduce “buyer’s remorse,” set the right expectations, minimize potential frustration from using your product or service, and keep the customer engaged.

Here’s a great example of an onboarding video that does all that.

  • Announce new features using explainer videos. Let your current customers know that you’re constantly improving and trying to add more value to their lives. These kinds of explainer videos also have a great side-effect: your potential customers could see them and decide to finally buy! As an example, here’s a real “new feature” video in action – Mailchimp introducing their new Facebook ads integration.
  • Create short FAQ/troubleshooting explainer videos to help your customers resolve any issues they might run into with your product. This will prevent them from getting frustrated as they look for a solution, don’t find any, contact support, wait for an answer, go back to try the solution… rinse and repeat. This quick video by Mailshake is an excellent example.

Unlock the full potential of explainer video marketing

An effective explainer video can generate massive growth and revenue for your business. Just to give you some perspective: one of our clients got a quarter-million revenue boost in just 45 days after putting an explainer video on their homepage!

So if you’ve been mulling over the idea of explainer video marketing, but you still aren’t sure if it’s going to be worth it, come talk to us.

We’ll get on a call with you and give it to you straight. If your brand isn’t at the stage where an explainer video would make good business sense, we’ll tell you as much. If your marketing dollars are best spent elsewhere, we won’t mince words and let you know.

And if you would benefit from a kick-butt, high-converting explainer video, we’ll happily discuss your concept and tell you about the potential ROI!

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