TDS BlogpostIt’s a fact — stories can help you sell more. Why do you think we’re constantly making whiteboard videos that use stories as their backbone?

Stories are human’s natural way to distill complex ideas (and isn’t everything complex these days?) into simple and enjoyable lessons. If they were any more powerful, they’d be on the same level as hypnosis!

But…stories only work if you use them right.

Most companies hear about the power of story-based marketing and think, “Oh great, I’ll just tell people all about our story, it’s so exciting!”

But it turns out this isn’t the right approach. Not exactly, anyway.

Not that your company’s story isn’t super duper exciting. It is…just not always…and not to everyone.

Will the real hero please stand up?

Think of a pain killer like ibuprofen. There may be some very cool new technology that pumps the pills out, but the guy with the headache is excited about something else: Putting an end to his throbbing pain.

Not only that, but he feels even better if he’s the one curing his own headache. In other words, the headline to this story shouldn’t be, “Ibuprofen company to the rescue!”, but rather, “Man discovers ibuprofen pills, cures own headache.”

See what we’ve done here? Not only have we helped the guy cure his headache, but we even made him the hero of the story. He did it all himself.

After telling thousands and thousands of marketing stories, I can tell you right now that this is a much more appealing story to the ibuprofen customer, than the story in which those little pills are the hero.

And it’ll sell better. Every. Single. Time.

What kind of marketing stories are you telling to make your customer feel like the hero in their story?