Wanna know the difference between an effective explainer video – and a terrible one?

It’s not the animation quality…

It’s not the audio…

It’s not the style…

It’s the script. (Well, we did give it away in the title.)

Ten times out of ten, your explainer video script is the thing that makes or breaks the entire piece. Making sure you have the best possible script isn’t just highly desirable – it’s essential.

No pressure, eh?

In today’s article, we’ll show you how to write an explainer video script, step by step. Read on!

Use this simple explainer video script template

So… wanna know a secret? There’s one tried-and-true formula that’s responsible for every high-converting explainer video ever. It’s practically the skeleton key to your customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets!

And it goes like this:

1. Lead with the problem

To write effective explainer video scripts, you need to meet your customers where they are. And where they are is in a pickle!

There’s a problem your product or service is solving, and your viewers are struggling with it. So it’s the best place to start your script. You can do it in one of two ways:

  1. Address your viewer in the second person and call out the problem directly, OR
  2. Create a character to serve as a stand-in for the viewer, and have them face the challenge your product or service is meant to solve.

Either option will work – but here at The Draw Shop, we’re partial to creating characters. For one, it makes for a more engaging story. But also, this allows us to really amplify the juicy details of said character’s suffering without alienating the viewers. As a result, they identify with the character more, which makes for a more persuasive video!

2. Introduce the solution

Once you’ve talked about the problem and made it unambiguously clear that your viewers can’t afford to ignore it any longer, it’s time to shine the light and show them the way!

And the way to do that is by introducing your product or service as the best solution to your customers’ #1 challenge. Here’s how:

  1. For starters, name-drop your product. And if you’re selling a service, name-drop your company.
  2. Next, describe your USP, or your big promise, as concisely as possible.

This step is fairly short, because you only need to convey two things: that your product or service exists, and how it’s different from anything else your viewers might be considering.

That’s it!

Now, this won’t be enough to sell people on your offer by itself – but it keeps them watching and paying attention. Which is all you really want, because next comes the really important part…

3. Explain your solution

After all, this is an explainer video script we’re talking about!

This is the part where you connect the dots between your viewers’ “before” and “after” states. Before they use your solution, they’re unhappy, struggling, losing money, time, the will to live, you name it. And after they use it, their life has improved, they can do more and be more.

To make sure you nail this step, you need to explain how your product or service works while always, always circling back to the benefits and results your customers want to see.

So, for example, you don’t just want to say that your email marketing software has the highest deliverability in the industry – you also want to explain what that means: your customers can be confident that everyone of their list will get their emails.

A good trick to use for this part is to continuously ask yourself, “So what?” whenever you make a claim about a feature. And to keep asking until you arrive at the best answer! Then incorporate that answer into the script.

Now, let’s talk about what to do if (and when) your viewers react to your message with skepticism…

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4. (optional) Address objections

The only reason this part is optional is because a lot of explainer video scripts have time constraints. But if you can afford to extend your script and include objections, it’s always worth the effort!

Here’s why:

Inevitably, as customers watch your video and listen to the narration, they will have questions. Stuff like:

“How do I know your company is legit?”

“What if it doesn’t work for my unique situation?”

“Can I get my money back if I’m unhappy?”

And so on. The exact objections depend on what you’re selling and who your target market is, but generally they boil down to concerns over trust, fear of failure, and questions about how things work. It helps to address all these, at least in passing, with your explainer video script.

If you want to learn more about handling objections, we wrote two pretty detailed articles on the topic – check them out here and here.

5. End with a call to action

Finally, give your viewers something specific, urgent, and beneficial to do.

Specific – because the more vague your call to action is, the higher the chance that people will forget about it. For example, “Buy [Product Name]” isn’t specific, but “Click the button below this video to place your order” is.

Urgent – because your potential customers are waiting for the thinnest of excuses to forget all about you and your product or service. Not because they don’t like it, but because our first instinct when faced with a task is to always put it off, and then never, ever do it. So you want to provide urgency and scarcity to justify immediate action.

Beneficial – because the first thing your viewers will be thinking is, “Why should I do it? What’s in it for me?” Remind them of the benefits that come with your solution, and the results they want to achieve.

And there’s that – this is how you write an explainer video script that persuades and converts!

Want real examples of effective explainer video scripts?

To further help your learning, we thought we’d give you a few links to high-converting explainer videos we’ve made.

So check out these animated samples – or visit our YouTube channel for even more videos!

The reason we keep nailing these is simple – we work with world-class copywriters and marketers, and invest ridiculous amounts of time and effort into creative briefs and killer scripts… before we animate a single frame.

So if you want to create an effective explainer video without worrying about scripting, hit us up – here at The Draw Shop, an awesome script is included in the project!

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