You are working hard to convert as many website visitors as possible into leads and paying customers.

So it might sting when we say this: you are leaving money on the table!

Out of all the visitors who land on your site, a good chunk of them leave, never to return. They do it not because they can’t benefit from your product or service… but because they don’t get how awesome it is!

Now, that’s just not fair, to you or to them.

But luckily, there’s a way to capture the attention of all these people — not just visitors, but leads, and your existing customers. And then you can leverage this attention into more traffic, more customers, and even more revenue.

The way in question? Motion graphics for website pages.

In today’s article, we’ll give you 5 strategies on how to enhance your website with motion graphics, and make sure that your awesome value proposition is understood loud and clear by potential customers.

Interested? Read on.

1. Landing pages

You’ve probably heard this advice before… But if you haven’t implemented it yet, that means you need to hear it again — so let’s go!

Motion graphics for website landing pages creates an opportunity to captivate your potential customers — and deliver your marketing message in crisp, clear detail. That’s why adding an explainer video to your landing page can boost conversion rates by up to 80 percent (according to this study by EyeView Digital)!

You can’t do that with text, or pictures, or even regular video. The magic of motion graphics is about its power to turn the complex and mundane into simple and exciting — thanks to the combination of visuals, narration, and text.

A landing page — where you need to make a compelling offer as quickly as possible — is its “natural habitat”! So next time you want to create a high-converting webpage for capturing leads… start with a motion graphics video.

Tip: if your primary landing page is also your homepage, enhancing it with a motion graphics video can yield some spectacular results. One client of ours, Mimic Technologies, used a similar tactic with a whiteboard video — and got a $250,000 bump in annual revenue in under 2 months!

2. About page

Your About page is the second most-visited page on your site. Optimizing it is the definition of low-hanging fruit. Find a way to grab the attention of all these visitors and convert them into leads — and you’ll create another growth channel for your business!

One option to achieve it is by making a motion graphics video for your website’s About page. Ironically, it should not be about you at all. It should be about the viewer. Your motion graphics video needs to convey what your customers can expect from interacting with your brand.

  • To start with, show them that you understand their needs and goals.
  • Then, talk about all the ways you can add value to them.
  • Finally, end on a compelling call to action to take the next step.

There, now you have a high-converting motion graphics video for your website’s About page!


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3. Members area

If you have a members area on your website — whether for paying customers or registered users — it makes for a wonderful marketing “playground.”

You can use your members area to:

  • Build a close-knit community of your most loyal subscribers.
  • Promote new products and services to members.
  • Onboard customers after they buy for the first time.
  • Collect testimonials and success stories.
  • Ask for referrals from your existing customers.

And more!

Most importantly, you can achieve all these objectives using engaging motion graphics videos. Your members area creates the perfect viewing environment — almost distraction-free, easily customizable with compelling calls to action, and with people who are highly motivated to pay attention.

In other words, if you aren’t using your members area to deliver a marketing message to your customers, you’re missing out!

Tip: if you have to choose one type of video to put in your website members area, we recommend an onboarding experience. Great customer onboarding can have a profound impact on your long-term revenue (by reducing churn) and word-of-mouth marketing (by inspiring people to talk about brand).

4. Thank you page

Nine brands out of ten completely waste their thank you pages. They simply deliver a polite message to thank people for subscribing, buying, completing a survey, what have you… and that’s it!

You might say: “But aren’t you supposed to thank people on a thank you page? It’s in the name!” And you’re absolutely correct — you should use your thank you pages to express gratitude. But never stop there…

That moment right after conversion is a fragile, beautiful thing. Your customers are excited about the action they just took. They second-guess their decision. They have an urge to keep going. All this — at the same time, within just a couple of minutes!

Your thank you page presents the perfect opportunity to strengthen that budding relationship with your customers. Don’t squander it.

Motion graphics for website thank you pages can perform all sorts of objectives. For example:

  1. Directing each new subscriber to confirm their email address. If your email marketing requires a double opt-in from most subscribers, this is a must-have.
  2. Informing new customers about what happens immediately after purchase — and reaffirming their belief said purchase was a great idea!
  3. Presenting a secondary offer or request after the initial conversion: like sharing something on social media, or contacting support, or buying something else.

Finally, there’s another, similar page that could use some motion graphics magic…

5. Unsubscribe page

Losing leads and losing customers is inevitable… to some extent. While bringing back a paying customer is hard work, preventing email unsubscribes is much easier. And motion graphics can help you with that, too!

Consider creating a friendly video for unsubscribes. Something that would re-engage people. Something they would see either before unsubbing, or immediately after — depending on what your technology would allow.

The video would do basically two things:

  1. Remind people about the benefits of staying subscribed to your brand, invoking their fear of missing out.
  2. Give them an easy way to come back — either by doing nothing if they haven’t unsubscribed yet, or by re-subbing with one click.

And that’s it! Using motion graphics for website unsubscribe pages is a dead simple yet extremely underrated tactic — so we recommend you try it!

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