4 Immediate Strategies for Warming Up New Leads and Getting them Pumped to Follow You


Pop quiz: 

How do you turn cold leads into red hot, eager, paying customers? 

You’re probably thinking, “That’s easy, Summer! You warm them up and nurture them until they are ready to buy.” And you know what? 

You’re absolutely right. 

OK, next question — slightly harder this time. 

How do you get brand-new leads to feel 100% emotionally invested in following you, and looking forward to each and every message from you? 

Still too easy? Well, here’s the twist: you have to achieve it not in a month, or a week, or even a few days… 

…but immediately after your new leads enter your funnel!

Impossible, right? Can’t be done.

Well, you read the headline, so you know I’m about to reveal that not only is it possible — but you can start doing that today!

This week’s article is all about highly effective, rapid-execution strategies to knock your leads’ proverbial socks off and get them to feel excited and hyped to follow your brand.

Interested? Read on! Because the first kick-butt strategy on my list is…

Pictured: a female snakecharmed wearing a red turban who's playing a flute in front of a basket filled with miniature people


1. Ask them for a favor… right after conversion (yes, really)


Do you want leads that passively consume your content and do nothing… or leads that take action on it? I bet it’s the latter! High engagement is a sign of highly qualified, eager buyers, and you want to cultivate an audience like that.

How? Easy: start conditioning new leads to take action as soon as they sign up!

After a new visitor converts through your landing page, or downloads a free resource, or fills out your contact form, ask them to do something. Something really easy and very fast — ideally, instantaneous!

It could be:

  • Filling out a 2-question survey.
  • Following you on social media.
  • Checking out your top content.
  • Leaving a comment on the page.

And so on.

It’s counterintuitive, but asking new leads for a favor actually makes them trust you and like you more. This is known as the “Ben Franklin effect,” and marketers have been using it for decades!

You can do the same. Just make sure to make a very small ask at first, to maximize the odds that your audience takes action. And going forward, keep putting calls to action into your marketing content and copy to build on this initial engagement.

That’s how you grow an audience of buyers vs. lurkers!


2. Make the most of your confirmation and welcome emails


I want you to take a long, hard look at:

  • Your confirmation email — the one you’re using to get new leads to confirm their email address (if you’re using the double opt-in process)
  • Your welcome email — the one that welcomes your leads into your email list and/or delivers the opt-in bonus you promised them

These emails might seem unimportant at first glance. But in reality, they’re the most important touchstones in your relationship with your potential customers. It’s like they say: you’ll never get a second chance to make the first impression… 

…and these two pieces of communication reveal a lot about your brand.

They help to establish tone, set expectations (more on that in a moment), and get your leads invested in following you and learning from you.

So if you’re sending people generic, cookie-cutter versions of these emails, or even using a standard template (gasp!), you’re missing out on the perfect opportunity to start your relationship on the right foot. That means, you need to fix it — stat.

Start looking at your confirmation and welcome emails as an opportunity, as opposed to just a box that needs to be ticked off. Use them to entertain your new leads; to educate them about your brand and offers (again, more on that later); and above all — to get them excited about following you and learning from you!


3. Set early expectations about your relationship


Hold on a minute, how did dating advice get in here? This is a marketing article!

Just kidding — this tip applies to dating and marketing equally. If you want your leads to become satisfied customers down the line, you have to be 100% upfront with them about what they can expect from you.

So don’t be shy and tell them:

  • What kind of value they will get out of following you — newsletters, free resources, etc.
  • How you’ll be helping them solve their problems that relate to your industry.
  • And what you expect from them in return, like taking action on your content.

If you audience knows in advance what they’re getting out of this relationship, they are much more likely to stick around and give back to you in the form of engagement, feedback… and eventually, sales.

So don’t be shy: use every opportunity to dazzle your leads and make them giddy with the possibilities!

Speaking of opportunities, here’s where you can, and should, set expectations with new leads:

  • Your welcome email, just like we discussed earlier. I told you it was important!
  • The content you use to nurture leads, like your autoresponder sequence.
  • Your lead magnets and content upgrades, because they are made for new leads.

Don’t limit yourself to just one of these — you should set expectations always, in all ways. Besides, not everyone will get the message the first time around, so don’t be afraid of repeating yourself!


4. “Plant the seed” of your offer in their minds


Do you want your leads to buy from you eventually? Of course you do! Otherwise, what’s the point, am I right?

Well, for starters, why don’t you let them know that you have a product or service available?

Now, I don’t mean that you should hit them with a full-on sales pitch right away. That won’t work — 98% of your new leads are probably not ready to buy right now. And honestly, that’s understandable.

But what you can, and should, do is… just gently make them aware of your offer and what it does. Don’t push it on them, just mention it in passing. Name it, explain what it does in 1-2 sentences. Maybe link to the relevant landing page. And that’s it. This is all you need to do.

Because here’s the thing:

Most leads who opt in to your email list (or follow you through any other marketing channel) don’t know how your offer can help them. Heck, they might not even know that it exists!

Mentioning your product or service at the start of your relationship will “plant the seed” for them to check it out later. When your leads decide to do something about their ongoing problems and invest in a solution, you’ll be the first brand they think of!

All because you took the extra time and effort to highlight your offer in a low-key, non-salesy way. So do it now and thank me later. *wink*


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