6 Creative Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business with Landing Pages


Real talk: 

Most businesses aren’t using landing pages to their fullest potential. Which is kind of funny, if you think about it. 

I mean, landing pages are so universal, so accepted as the essential tool any marketing funnel should have… 

And what do 99% of companies do with them? 

They ask visitors to “sign up for our newsletter.” They copy a nice-looking template but never stop to think if it’s a good fit for their message. Or they use the same landing page to convert different segments of customers who have nothing in common! 

But landing pages are capable of so much more. And today, I want to open your mind to their lead-generating, revenue-boosting, trust-building possibilities. 

In this week’s article, I’ll show you 6 strategies to grow your business with landing pages that go beyond the bare minimum. You will learn:

  • How to maximize conversions on referral traffic you get from specific sites or communities — with just one simple tweak.
  • How to turn the most useless page on your website into a lead generating asset.
  • Why the moment just after conversion is so critical, and what you can do to take advantage of it.
  • And at least 5 clever uses of landing pages beyond “hey, subscribe to our newsletter / download our generic freebie” — I counted!

And more.

Also, I have a gift for you at the end, so make sure you stick around. *wink*

Interested? Then read on!

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1. Capture referral traffic with a highly targeted landing page


If you’re getting consistent traffic from certain online communities of platforms, sending it to a catch-all, cookie-cutter landing page is a bit of a waste.

Instead, you can make a highly targeted landing page tailored specifically to those visitors, and watch your conversion rates soar. It’s easy to do, takes no time at all, and the benefits are enormous. Here’s how you can take advantage of this strategy…

For example, let’s say you get a lot of traffic from an article you contributed to a big online magazine. You can set up a dedicated landing page with a headline that says something like: “Greetings, [Magazine’s name] readers!” — and then presents your visitors with an offer.

Just this tiny bit of customization will go a long way to boost your lead generation. But who says you have to stop there?

Let’s go the extra mile! Create a special deal for visitors who end up on this landing page, or a custom lead magnet / content upgrade tailored to their specific needs.

This kind of highly targeted marketing will help you convert a lot more visitors. Consumers are so used to generic offers and generic freebies — your landing page will be a breath of fresh air, and almost irresistible to them!

You can use the same approach to convert referral traffic from almost any source, like social media communities, your YouTube channel, and more.


2. Convert your 404 page into a surprise landing page


Sometimes, visitors to your website won’t end up where they wanted to go. Maybe they typed in a wrong URL, or clicked a broken link, and all they got was a 404 page. Best-case scenario, these potential leads will go to your homepage but feel frustrated with the experience. Worst-case scenario, they will leave and never come back (ouch!).

Well, here’s an idea: why not turn it into a secret landing page? It’s literally free real estate on your website that you can put to good use!

You can use your 404 landing page to:

  • Highlight some of your best content and direct people to check it out.
  • Ask visitors to fill out a quick survey or reach out to you via contact form.
  • Offer them your lead magnet again, just in case they’ve missed it before.
  • Give them a “secret” freebie unavailable anywhere else on your website.
  • Display your newsletter opt-in form, promising valuable content.
  • Reward them with a promo code, with a call to action to your main product page.

Most of the time, 404 pages are forgettable at best and annoying at worst. By turning yours into an effective landing page, you’ll be adding value to visitors and potentially growing your business!


3. Maximize the goodwill immediately after conversion


Each time a visitor converts through one of your landing pages, it’s a great opportunity to present them with another offer — free or even paid! How can you do that? By using your confirmation page (also known as a thank-you page) to follow up with another request.

For example, let’s say someone just signed up to your newsletter. Awesome! That must mean they want to stay in touch and get ongoing value from your brand, right? Then you can use your thank-you page to ask them to follow or like you on social media, so they don’t miss any updates from you.

That’s just one way to use this strategy, though. There are many, many others! You can:

  • Upsell customers on another product, service, or value-add when they order something from one of your landing pages.
  • Gather feedback through simple surveys on your thank-you page, getting valuable insights into what your customers want.
  • Treat visitors to your “greatest hits” of content, so they can get immediate value out of this relationship and gain trust with your brand.

Bottom line is, a thank-you / confirmation page is just another landing page. Use it strategically to show your customers whatever you want to put in front of them, and communicate what you need about you offers or brand.


4. Generate leads or sales on an offer that’s coming soon


Launching a brand new offer always presents business owners with a Catch-22:

For the launch to be successful, the offer needs to get traction fast… but it’s so hard to get traction until you launch it. What are you supposed to do, promote an offer that’s not ready yet?

Well… Yes! That’s exactly what you can and should do.

Put up a “coming soon” landing page for your work-in-progress offer and use it for marketing. At a minimum, you can:

  • Tell visitors all they need to know about your upcoming product or service — to get them excited about it before it’s even ready.
  • Capture their contact information and start building a waitlist for your offer. This works wonders for online courses, physical products, SaaS, and more.
  • Offer a valuable freebie to these visitors, to tide them over until your new offer launches properly. It will give them another good reason to opt in!

But there’s another thing you can do that can absolutely skyrocket your business growth…

Collect pre-orders for your upcoming offer! If it’s well-aligned with your target customers’ needs, they will want to get first dibs on it as soon as it becomes available — so why not give them the opportunity? You can do it at a special introductory price to make the deal a complete no-brainer.

Pro tip: to collect pre-orders successfully, you will probably need a very thorough landing page that’s more like a full sales page. It needs to communicate everything relevant, important, and valuable about your offer and counter any objections people might have.


5. Let your visitors “choose their own adventure”


When your company is serving several distinctive audiences at once, you’re in a tricky position marketing-wise. Each customer segment has its own unique needs, problems, and goals — and they need highly customized, highly relevant solutions.

So what do you do? Do you create targeted landing pages, or even dedicated microsites, for each audience? Sure, that’s a valid strategy, and I’ve already covered it in this article.

But there’s another way. You can create a landing page that asks visitors to choose what kind of message and offer they want to see! Yep, exactly like a choose-your-own-adventure book.

This approach has two big advantages compared to extreme “siloing” of incoming leads into separate landing pages.

First, your visitors will be identifying themselves. They’ll click on stuff that’s relevant to them and give you valuable insights about their background, needs, and goals in the process.

But also, a landing page like that can be the centerpiece of your marketing. Because it can be easily customized and personalized to the specific visitor, there’s no risk of alienating anybody or having a lead fall through the cracks. Heck, it can even serve as your homepage! 

To see an example of this approach executed super well, look no further than our friends at HubSpot. Just take a look at their landing page and you’ll see how cleverly they handle multiple offers for different audiences.

However, this is a highly advanced strategy, so before you implement it, make sure that your company has the tech, the analytics, and the know-how to support it!


6. Promote limited-time offers with a sense of urgency 


Holiday sales. Limited-edition products. Bundle deals. “Most popular” product showcases. There are many reasons to create limited-time offers for your customers… 

…and landing pages are the best way to bring attention to them. All you need is a countdown to communicate a sense of urgency, a selection of offers you want to highlight, and a persuasive call to action to nudge your visitors in the right direction.

Why bother creating an entire landing page for something that will be front-and-center on your website anyway? Great question!

For starters, repetition is a tried-and-true principle of marketing and advertising. No matter how explicit you are about sales or special offers, some people will inevitably miss them. Having a dedicated landing page for them to browse will make sure that as many customers get to see your special offer as possible.

But also, you have complete control over what people see on the landing page for your sale. So, for example, you can use it to drive traffic to your bestselling products, or the ones that have the biggest profit margin. If you want to, you can even send potential buyers to less popular products that you believe deserve more love!

Limited-time offers, when executed right, can generate a massive surge of revenue for your business. Effective landing pages are key to success when designing these campaigns — don’t neglect them!


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