How to Smash Through Sales Bottlenecks Using Marketing Video

Here’s how 99% of business owners use marketing video for sales. 

First, they publish a video. Then, they drive traffic to it hoping to generate leads. 

Now, it’s a great strategy that can create amazing results — but if it’s your only strategy, then you’re not using video to its full potential! 

What if your sales process is outbound, and you’re reaching out to prospects instead of letting them find you? Can you still benefit from marketing video?

Or what if your sales funnel is generating plenty of leads, but you’re struggling to convert them? Can you use video to patch it up and boost your conversion rates?

In today’s article, we’ll show you how to use marketing video for sales in ways you maybe haven’t thought about. We’ll talk about:

  • Boosting your response rate with outbound leads using video
  • How to use video to follow up with prospects and close more sales
  • Speeding up your sales cycle by wowing your prospects with explainer videos
  • How to use video to persuade prospects who are “on the fence”

And more!

Let’s start with a simple question: how do you get the most of your sales outreach and maximize your leads?

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1. Get more qualified leads using outreach videos

Reaching out to potential customers is easier than ever. Just whip up an email, hit Send, and you’re done! Getting noticed, on the other hand, and actually hearing back… that’s a whole different ball game.

Right now your customers’ inboxes are overflowing with generic, lazy, copy-paste sales pitches. Even a well-written, personalized outreach email like yours can get overlooked.

So let’s help it stand out!

You can create short, powerful video voicemails to capture your customers’ attention and build trust right off the bat. They can be as simple as recording yourself on your webcam (or, you know, recording whoever is doing the outreach) saying:

  • Who you are and what your brand does (keep this part extremely short)
  • Why you’re reaching out — be sure to mention the customer, or their company, by name
  • How exactly you can help them and what kind of value you can create
  • What they can do to get in touch with you (e.g. book a free consultation)

This kind of outreach video accomplishes two important things. First, it gives the impression that your message is unique and personalized — which it is! But it also humanizes your brand by putting a face to the name.

Is it significantly more work to record a 1-2 minute video voicemail compared to copy-pasting a generic cold pitch? You bet! Is it worth the effort? Only if you want to get more sales leads! According to Wistia (who swear by this strategy), initial sales emails with video voicemails in them have a clickthrough rate of 42% — compared to 10% on “vanilla” emails.

Now that’s what we call quality over quantity!

2. Knock your prospects’ socks off with an explainer video

So, you send that outreach message, your prospect replies that they’re interested…

…and then you dump a huge pile of sales and marketing materials in their lap and expect them to study it in-depth. Or you immediately make a big ask to hop on a sales call, hoping that they’re already warmed up enough.

They aren’t.

Instead of rushing things, why not take the time to stoke your prospect’s interest some more and continue building your relationship with them? Better yet, why not roll out the big guns and shamelessly wow them even before you get on a call?

That’s where an explainer video comes in. Think of it as your best, most persuasive sales presentation condensed into a single 2-3 minute clip. It needs to:

  • Identify your prospect’s #1 problem even better than they can
  • Explain (duh) how exactly your product or service can solve it
  • Paint a vivid picture of the results your prospect desperately wants
  • Nudge them to take the next step through the sales funnel

Depending on how you prefer to sell, that next step could be: booking a discovery call, signing up for a hands-on demo, filling out an application, calling you back, or something else entirely.

(If you want to take a look at some good explainer video examples, check out our portfolo. And if you’d like us to make you a video like that, book a free strategy session here and let’s talk!)

Again, explainer videos take a lot more effort than traditional sales conversations… so it’s a good thing they work like a charm! Even with a small-scale campaign, you can get high-quality results. And unlike video voicemails we mentioned before, you can reuse explainer videos again and again!

For example, one of our clients pitched a highly complex AI-powered service to enterprise level companies. With just one outreach campaign, he got the attention of 165 qualified prospects — including hard-to-reach executives at big tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

3. Answer questions/address objections with personalized videos

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could make an offer to a customer… and they just said yes immediately? That would be the life!

And to be fair, it does happen now and then. But much more often your prospects have follow-up questions, objections, and concerns about your product or service.

  • “Can I use it to do X?”
  • “Does it integrate with my software or will I have to switch?”
  • “How much will the shipping cost me?”
  • “What if I want to upgrade or downgrade to a different plan later?”

That sort of thing.

In a perfect world, you’d jump on another call and address all the questions right then and there. But it’s not always possible, or even practical. So what can you do that would be the next best thing?

Create a personalized video addressing those objections and concerns! It’s a very friendly, authentic way to acknowledge your customer’s fears and reassure them that you got this, they got this, and everything will be OK.

You can create it in the same way as a video voicemail, except it’s going to be more focused and in-depth. For example, you could record yourself talking and record your screen as you’re walking the prospect through your answer.

Even if you don’t want to (or just can’t) record a video like that every time someone has a question about your product, consider creating a general FAQ video that covers the most common concerns, pain points, and objections you get. It’s like an explainer video, except you’ll be answering questions instead of introducing the offer.

4. Close more prospects using follow-up videos to reconnect

Sometimes prospects will go AWOL before you get a chance to close the sale. We know how frustrating it can be — but don’t give up on them just yet. Folks are busy, and even the hottest leads can fall through the cracks.

But that’s what following up is for! Smart, strategic follow-up can make all the difference between a funnel that’s leaking prospects left and right — and one that converts at a high rate consistently.


Next time you don’t hear from a prospect in a few days, send them a super-short (15-30 seconds) video to check in. Remind them that you’re here to answer any questions, and that you’re excited to take the next step with them.

A video like that takes barely any time to put together and works much better than a regular email follow-up. Who doesn’t like to see a friendly face instead of impersonal, generic bunch of text?

This is an excellent way to show commitment to your potential client and motivate them to “get to the finish line” — and finally close that sale you’ve been pursuing for so long. Break out the champagne, you’ve earned it!

5. Compel prospects to respond FAST with a powerful “elevator pitch”

What if you could capture your customers’ attention and get them pumped about working with you… in 30 seconds or less?

Having a powerful Elevator Pitch that delivers an irresistible message to your prospects is the single fastest way to grow your business in 2020 and beyond. And we want to create one for you.

All you need is to hop on a 30-minute consultation with one of our expert copywriters here at The Draw Shop. They will help you define the problem you solve, how you solve it, and the life-changing results your customers will see from working with you.

Then we’ll transform your input into a single-statement Elevator Pitch for your brand — a powerful 30-second video scientifically designed to stand out, delight, persuade… and convert.

We’ll even top it off with a one-page, one-of-a-king infographic that makes your pitch into an engaging visual story!

You can:

  • Share it with your team
  • Feature it on your website
  • Use it in your email signature
  • Put it on the back of your business card
  • Spread it on social media

And more!

Want one? Then head over to this page to book your appointment!

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