All  animation videos are not created equal.

Some are incredible engagement tools that create instant fans who are excited to learn more about the product or company.

And others… aren’t.

(We are looking at you “talking head” videos… zzzzzzzzz )

The Draw Shop Kick Butt Whiteboard and Cartoon Animation Videos

Today we want to share our top five tips on how to create a kick-butt whiteboard and cartoon animation video that does an amazing job of engaging people, influencing their buying behavior, and getting them to share your content with their networks.


 1. Focus On The Script

When it comes to video, your message is what’s most important – not the visuals or production values. Your video should do an incredible job of…

  1. Relating to your audience.
  2. Identifying their pain points in a way that captures their attention and keeps them watching.
  3. Showcasing how your product will make their lives better – in a way that’s not too cheesy or “salesy”.
  4. Encouraging them to take action.

If your script doesn’t nail those four points, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on the visuals, your explainer video won’t effectively engage viewers, encourage them to make a purchase or share your video with their networks.

2. Tell a Story

Everybody loves a good story.  Stories allow you to present your business and products in a human context to which people can relate.

A great, story-driven animation video should have:

  1.  Engaging characters your viewers can empathize with.
  2. A well-structured beginning, middle and end.
  3. A clear and obvious setting.
  4. Conflict corresponding to your customers’ pain points.
  5. Resolution corresponding to the benefits of using your product.

The more interesting your story is, the more it will keep your audience riveted and encourage them to share it with others.

3. Be Clever

Whatever you want to say has probably been said before.  You challenge is now to figure out how you can make your story fresh and compelling.

Try exploring it from a different angle, maybe tying it into current events or trending topics in popular culture. Don’t be afraid to be provocative or controversial.

Be Clever, The Draw Shop, whiteboard and cartoon animation video

If you say the unexpected, people will be more likely to pay attention.


4. Use Humor

This one can be tricky but there’s a huge pay-off if you manage to pull it off. Your humor should in line with your typical customer’s sense of humor and should fit seamlessly within your story. It should support your message instead of undercutting or overpowering it.

If you do humor correctly, you greatly increase the number of people who will watch the video straight through to the end and share it with their networks.

(Tip: let the visuals convey the bulk of the humor and let your script be the “straight man”.  The juxtaposition between the two can be very entertaining while still getting across your main message.)

5. Keep It Short & Snappy

If you want the maximum number of people to watch your animated explainer video through to the end, no longer than 90 seconds is best.

Make sure to front-load your core message into the first 30 seconds so people know what the video is about right away. If they’re left feeling uncertain and confused for too long, they’ll click away before the video is done.

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