One of the hardest lessons of content marketing is… 

Content quality alone does not guarantee success. 

Even if you poured hours and hours of research into discovering the most relevant topic your ideal customers crave to learn about; even if you wrote an absolute banger of a script for your marketing video; even if you invested an eye-popping amount of money and resources in top-quality visuals and voiceover; and even if you launched it to a sizable pre-existing audience…

…there’s still a non-zero chance that your video won’t get the views, engagement, and conversions it deserves. 

And if that happens to your business, what do you do? 

Read today’s article and you will find out! Because this week, I’m sharing with you 4 proven strategies to get your video out of a rut and generate traction for it — even if it seems like a big, fat flop.

You will learn:

  • The critical “missing ingredient” to effective content marketing — 99% of business owners ignore it at their own peril
  • How to leverage search and recommendation algorithms in your favor, helping your video get discovered by exactly the right viewers
  • The #1 metric you want to be measuring and improving if you want people to watch your video (no, it’s not views — that’d be too easy!)
  • How to piggyback off existing traffic on your other content for the benefit of your underperforming video

And more. Let us begin.

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1. Double down on promotion (you didn’t forget it, did you?)

What’s the difference between videos that stay stuck on double-digit view counts — and videos that take audiences by storm and rake in views by the thousands?

One word: promotion.

Creating an amazing video is just half the battle. Actually, it’s more like 20% of the battle!

What’s the other 80%? Getting it in front of the right viewers. So if you want people to consume and engage with your content, be willing to do the promotional legwork to reach them with your message!

As a bare minimum, you want to:

  • Share your video with potential amplifiers, a.k.a. people who have sizable audiences that might be interested in your kind of content.
  • Spread it to your audience, a.k.a. email subscribers and social media followers — they are way more likely to watch it and share it compared to random strangers.
  • Repurpose it for other channels. Turn your video into an infographic or a report (with a link, naturally); create alternative versions of it for socials, etc. Even if you don’t link back to the original video, you’ll still get the message in front of new audiences.

I get it: this type of promotion can be a pain in the butt, and it isn’t as “sexy” as other tactics might be. But if you’ve produced a genuinely valuable, remarkable video, surely it’s worth going the extra mile to attract more eyeballs to it!

And if it’s the right message for the right target audience… then you won’t just get their eyeballs (metaphorically speaking, yeesh) — you’ll win their hearts, too.


2. Fine-tune your marketing video for discoverability

If your amazing video isn’t pulling any organic views, the culprit is probably low discoverability. As in, little to no potential viewers are seeing it when they browse or search for videos on the topic.

Let’s change that, shall we?

Wherever you publish your video content, you want to leverage every available feature to make it easy to find by your target audience.

Those features include:

  • Video metadata with different keywords you wish to target, so people searching for specific terms can discover your content.
  • Specific tags that help the algorithm categorize your video and recommend it to relevant audiences more often.
  • Video descriptions that boost your SEO and make your content more easily searchable — even for keywords you didn’t optimize for!

Search and recommendation algorithms are not fair, and they bury thousands of remarkable videos every day. But as long as you learn how to optimize your content around them, you can make sure that your videos reach your target customers, no matter what!


3. Enhance your click through rate in 2 steps

Even if you master the algorithm and get your video discovered by tons of new customers…

…you still might not generate the views you need.

For discoverability to translate into views, and lots of them, your video content must compel people to click through and watch.

That means, it’s time to soup up your click through rate (CTR) — a.k.a. the #1 metric that determines how many eyeballs end up on your video!

The two key factors in your CTR are the headline and the thumbnail. These are the only two elements 99% of viewers notice… so make them count.

Here’s how:

  • Write a compelling headline that still leverages relevant video keywords — swipe some ideas from this guide.
  • Create a captivating thumbnail that stands out and grabs people by the eyeballs. These tips will help.

I know that these tweaks seem beyond basic, but don’t neglect them. Once you give your viewers a good reason to click on your videos, you will see those view counts climb!


4. “Cross-pollinate” your video via other content

Examine the video that’s underperforming and ask yourself:

“Do I have any other content on that same topic, or a closely related topic, that’s generating traffic right now?”

If the answer is yes, there’s an opportunity there! You can harness some of that traffic and redirect it to your video asset. Now, it probably won’t spike your view count dramatically, but chances are you’ll create a steady trickle of traffic to your asset — which is more than what you’ve had before!

Here are some ideas you can implement:

  • Link to your video in any website or blog content that explores similar topics. If those assets are attracting readers, then you can send at least some of them to the video that needs more love!
  • Add calls to action to your existing videos, highlighting your newest creation. The exact way to implement this will depend on the platform you’re using, but all the big ones (YouTube, Wistia etc.) have built-in functionality for that.
  • Curate a playlist or create a video roundup, and include your newest piece there. This is an excellent way to get more mileage out of older content and create traction for newer videos!


Let us help you create your next captivating video

Like I’ve said before, content quality alone doesn’t guarantee views and conversions. That said, a stunning-looking video that resonates deeply with your target audience is 100X easier to promote and make successful than a limp, lifeless, generic piece of content (no surprise there).

Having a marketing asset like that in your corner gives you the strongest possible start, and much better odds of making a jaw-dropping impression…

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